EPIC CARIBBEAN FEAST!!!! High protein and so so so delicious! Hope you guys enjoy these recipes! Vegan mac and cheese, chana, vegan jerk lentils, roti, …


  1. what brand of mustard? x

  2. I'm not vegan but I have been making healthier choices. Just wanted to say everything here looks delicious

  3. All this looks like Mexican food, especially the flower tortillas

  4. 758NaturalOrder OvLife

    Call ur Mac n no cheese mc less Chee's lol .. great vibes ..

  5. The lentil soup is my favorite recipe, thank you for sharing

  6. girl Caribbean I never clicked so quick…Jamaica in the house !!!

  7. hey loves! can anyone tell me the song at the end? i wanna whine too lol

  8. Omg! Amazing. Holiday meal much. Yes

  9. Blacquedoll Princess

    What can I use instead of the coconut.. Im highly allergic

  10. Giiiirl invite me to your house OMG you Just killed me…….

  11. Caribean and african food are the best in the world!!!!

  12. OMG Rachel.. I'm so like going to prepare this meal for my family and friends… Thank you so much for sharing. One little question. What type of pasta are you using? Many Blessings ..hugs

  13. So good. Did all but the greens this first time and we love it.

  14. I saw the plantains and had to watch this immediately!

  15. I want to make the bread please do a video

  16. What are we frying our plantain in

  17. What type of greens are we cooking with

  18. Great

  19. OMG I made the lentils! They are delicious! I'm so glad I found your channel!

  20. I’m embarrassed I never thought about cooking quinoa like rice and peas! Omg I’m making this tomorrow.

  21. Surprise! We are frugivores and we live on a flat plane governed by the planets. You can never be healthy without this fundamental information.

  22. Some of those ingredients for the mac n cashew cheese I really dont know where to get it from like d grape seed oil, meso paste n pink salt. Are there any alternatives/ substitutes for those? I cud use white salt but not sure if d yeast we sell in the Jamaican Supermarket is "nutritional" yeast

  23. What about a vegan fibe rich breakfast?

  24. Thanks for this, i would like to try that for sure

  25. Blessings Durant

    I'm definitely trying all these recipes. thank you!!

  26. What is roti?

  27. You stay hooking us up girl!!

  28. Than you Rachel, I just started seeing your videos; It's helping me start changing eating habits. Thank U again

  29. Girl can you make a Caribbean cooking / baking Playlist ? That'll be nice

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