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high protein breakfast for weight loss, this instant besan chilla breakfast recipe is rich in protein and fibre and is also gluten free and will help to keep you fuller …


  1. Ts z our weekly thrice brkfast….really protein rich,yummy too and energy lasts for more time…

  2. Can we something else besides besan…

  3. Instead of besan powder shell we use wheat powder

  4. Can I give this for kids for breakfast???

  5. Seems tasty
    Will try soon
    Garlic nd curd can also be added in it

  6. Hi nisha!! I made this today and it came out very well and filling too. Thank you.

  7. innovative food allure

    I love it. It's really nice.

  8. sulfikar abdul rehuman

    It will be more delicious if you add little bit of minced mutton and two eggs

  9. I love it so much!!!

  10. Tamil explain mam

  11. I love hearing your voice very pleasant

  12. Post video regarding weight loss please

  13. Nice video very nice

  14. Can I use wheat flour

  15. Sharan.kamble Kamblr

    Plz say in hindi

  16. I lost 15kg by watching the indian Street food

  17. isme protein or health kaha hai auntyji?

  18. Thank you for sharing great recipe. Just an FYI, hing/ asafoetida is not gluten free in case you're labelling this recipe for gluten intolerants/celiacs.

  19. Iyni lambi description likhi thi toh recipe bhi likh deni thi

  20. Madam ko hindi bolne me sharam a rahi ha kya

  21. Darling, who's got time to make all this sh*t early in the morning??

  22. Great recipe. It’s also called Vegan Omelette.

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