Healthy Weight Loss Sabzi | Subah Jain

Healthy Weight Loss Sabzi | Subah Jain In this video, I discuss 4 mistakes that most Indians make while preparing sabzi, and then discuss how to correct those …


  1. what is bottle gourd and ridge gourd. ?

  2. seelam kalyanreddy

    What about weight gain…. Madam..

  3. Amazing Subah!

  4. Why should you be singing when talking. There is s background noise whilst taking. How can it be especially with the strong Indian accent. We could hear nothing.

  5. plz provide tha link of clay pot

  6. Please tell what to use to clean the clay pots because i read that we cant using dishwashing detergent on clay as it absorbs chemicals

  7. I m Kiran jain can u just translate this video in Hindi so that my mom can understand it..not this video all ur video so that can understand every jain women will be easy for every women to understand in india

  8. Vedashree Bhoolokam

    how min the vegetable 2 b cook then…As clay pot takes long time

  9. Please share all the receipe of sabji…

  10. Is clay pot works with induction ?

  11. I only hear music in this video

  12. Can a clay pot be used on induction? Please reply

  13. In whole YouTube u r awesome

  14. cooking in induction stove is healthy???

  15. Thank you so much
    Since my menopause started i suddenly realised i put on 15kgs i feel so heavy i go to gym and i always taken care of myself and still i put on 15kgs i asked myself imagine if i used to eat badly then? I checked sooo many diets here on yutube yours seems to be more sense and more cheaper more easier so i started to do it now i think its 5 days im trying not eating nothing only green tea until 12h00 i eat a lot but healthy before i couldnt stay away from food but i thought would be hard but thank God im managing ok. But some ingredients u in India im in Johannesburg South Africa i cannot get it easy please give substitution as you giving recipe please i will appreciate you must come to South Africa to do an event a talk a seminar on food please and God bless you and your family thank you soo much

  16. What about protein ?

  17. Please share more recipes.

  18. Christopher Mansukhani

    Thank you

  19. Priyanka Byahatti

    Hello Subah! Thank you for changing my life. I have been vegetarian all my life and yet I've had serious gastric and indigestion issues.
    It's been a week I've been following Sattvik diet and I'vent felt gasy even once.
    Thank you!
    Could you please share some lunch box receipes?

  20. This video has no audio……….

  21. Can i use little bit of oil in my sabzi if i regularly do yoga and don't have that much of weight to loose? My age is 21 and weight is 56kg…

  22. How can we contact you??

  23. Very insightful. I feel i have found my diet guru.

  24. Requesting some more easy gravy recepies as you do in this video. All the time with the same gravy is boring

  25. “Simply-Eye” Opening!,

  26. Also – what' up with all the Chai we drink? My wife has has has to have chai every morning and afternoon. You think it's too much? I'm good with black coffee in the morning.

  27. This is great. You forgot one more mistake…. STOP USING DAIRY.

  28. धन्यवाद ॐ

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