Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Ideas | Keto Friendly/ Low Calorie

Hey Lovelies! Today I’ll be showing you 3 easy Vegetarian & Vegan, low carb and low calorie friendly meals. You can eat these for lunch or dinner and they’re …


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  2. Great suggestions. I hope ur weight loss journey has been going well

  3. I'm on a weight loss journey myself. I'm not vegan/vegetarian but your video was still helpful. I'm trying to lose another 40 this year and I was getting bored auth breakfast. I've yet to try eggs and avocado toast, but yours looked pretty good. How do you like this skinny girl salad dressing? I've only tried that brands popcorn. That salad looked pretty. That Morning Star veggie strips looked interesting, I've only tried their black bean burgers. Your camera quality is superb btw!!

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  6. I love this! Best wishes on your journey! You got this! I've been on this for almost 2 years! I love that Earth balance and I've enjoyed gardein Meatless options as well as morning stars' veggie pork. It's so easy to try some of the same things you can just make substitutes like you're doing!

    Feel free to check out my playlist too if you ever run out of these sessions ideas!

  7. You are beautiful what a great video let’s keep in touch ❤️

  8. you are so pretty! i have to try these meals out

  9. you're soooo beautiful

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