Healthy Vegetable Chilli | #10HealthyMeals | Felicitas Pizarro

This warming and hearty chilli recipe is the perfect healthy feast to share with friends and family. Full of vegetables and packed with flavour, spice and colour it’s …


  1. The way you look and your accent :O I have a new crush that knows to cook too! 😀 Loved it! 🙂

  2. toffee BlueBerry

    I'm gonna turn veggi

  3. How can you be veggie in Argentina?

  4. Daniel Baunatal

    nice, but not vegan

  5. A note on the measurements: Felicitas says tablespoons but the recipe says teaspoons of the spices. Can you clarify?

  6. GOODNESS ME!!! I just made this for my wife (a vegetarian) and myself and it's ridiculously delicious. So simple, so good, so exciting. Thank you very much for posting this

  7. She is someone that love cooking and loves what she does

  8. going to try this 2 years later

  9. Made this recipe today. It's definitely worth trying, but it's not that good. It's a once per month type of food.

    Though I might have put too much cinnamon innit, so don't take my word for it.

  10. awww the kids were so cute ^_____^ great recipe and video ♥

  11. good recipe but she's way too enthusiastic.

  12. Cinnamon in chili? How intriguing.

  13. Emanulito Royce

    I can't belive I missed this video. Chill sin carne. The sweet papa is a great idea. And my favorite herb corrinader. Perfect

  14. "Healthy" and then you use canned tomatoes and beans?

  15. Archil Zambakhidze

    +Felicitas Pizarro I love your vids 😀 Very lovely, sweet, funny and kind you are ^^

  16. Great recipe by the way, i found the gas stove 😉

  17. Any name for the mobile gas stove???

  18. Carolina Gondra

    Mmm…. the chili looks delish! Love the recipe and it it can be eaten with guacamole then its even better. Saludos desde Olivos. 

  19. Carolina Gondra

    Donde conseguís cayenne pepper en zona Norte?? Have never been able to find it around here. 

  20. Looks sooooo yum! Love from New Zealand x

  21. Ur missing the meat

  22. i love your accent. love from korea


  24. made this recipe last night. It was perfect! Will make this again that's for sure.

  25. can somebody tells me the second spice?
    great video btw!

  26. I love making veg chilli I'm going to try this recipe soon, looks amazing.

  27. I am soo hungry right now ^^ can anybody tell me where I can find the best guacamole recipe? thanks!

  28. She reminds me of Gennaro

  29. lovely accent, great recipe.

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