Healthy VEGAN & SUGAR FREE recipes

Find more recipes here: Today I bring you 3 healthy breakfast/brunch recipes. You can of course variate the ingredients as …


  1. For the first recipe bananas have sugar (natural sugars), granola has a lot of added sugar if it's from a packet, and peanut butter is basically pure sugar.

  2. Jasmine Marie gomez

    you remind me of pia mia

  3. Love the top!!! Where did you get it from? What size? Thanks:))

  4. You´re so funny! Love you and your recipes:)

  5. Where are you from

  6. Great looking food. I don't think fruit is sugar free btw 0:40

  7. I do wanna say that the sugar free title is very misleading. This is loaded with sugar. It's natural sugar; no ADDED sugar, but it's sugar. So for someone like me who is actually on a low sugar diet I can't have any of these because of the fruit. Video was well made and these look so yum but consider saying no "added" sugar!! I can't eat any of these :/.

  8. Totally subscribed ♥

  9. You are gorgeous. Uniquely beautiful

  10. You kinda look like Pia Mia ♥️

  11. Margarida Cabral

    whats the name of the music?

  12. You're so beautiful girl! Skin is glowing ! xx

  13. you look so much like ciara here! gorgeous!

  14. can I sub with almond milk?

  15. Please!! make more awesome recipes 🙂

  16. Herbivore Beauty

    yesss i love this so much

  17. tubbyrainbow111

    God dayum…….10/10

  18. your hair are super healthy and super shiny!

  19. Where is your Crop Top from? I <3 it

  20. i loveee your jeans. May I ask where theyre from?
    (love your videos:)

  21. Horacio Gonzalez

    I love her skin color is so beautiful

  22. Maximiliano Bratz

    The video says SUGAR FREE, although you put bananas. reported

  23. Malaurie Pilatte

    These look soooo yummy! Thanks a lot 🙂

  24. you should make more of these vids

  25. Anissah Estanislau

    A really good and helpful video! Please do more of these!

  26. Constanz Gonzalez Sorensen


  27. Very helpful and delicious

  28. So inspiring. I hope you gain a million subscribers one day! Everyone should see this!

  29. I love this video and the recipes are great!:) I would love to see more recipes!:)

  30. you are gorgeous !

  31. Your voice sounds really beautiful.

  32. Ainhoa Martínez Sallent

    Want more of these!! 🙂

  33. Brenda Ferreira

    I'm in love with this channel, u guys are such a beautiful couple.

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