Healthy Vegan School Lunch Ideas (#3) BENTO BOX

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy these healthy vegan school lunch ideas! All info you need is below! Download my Simple Vegan Eats Ebook here: …


  1. YES! Dreams playing in the background ❤️.

  2. love the date and nut balls gona try that x

  3. When you have none of the ingredients :c

  4. I personally don’t want o be vegan just because I like meat lol but I do want more healthy ways of eating

  5. Pumpkin Spiced Lester

    It’s an avocado! Thanksssssssss

  6. Buy a small processor

  7. What brand is the tortilla?

  8. wait. vegans eat cheese?

  9. I really want to try the quinoa salad now, but I don't have the time to soak the chickpeas 🙁

  10. I'm not vegan, but I like eating vegan recipes every now and then, and I have a day or two a week where I just don't eat any animal projects

  11. More liquid on the black beans so they are smoother

  12. Okey this is such a amazing healthy and great Channel

  13. where did you get those lunch box? I want one :c

  14. mariona ruiz domenech


  15. I love Japanese lunch boxes so creative and organized now you know that you have eaten all you need during the day.

  16. Chancey McCurry

    Okay so I don’t like kale is there something else I can use for the salad

  17. Zulfikar Rahman

    What is the different about vegan and vegetarian?

  18. Viviana Contreras

    Must be vegan cheese right

  19. I'd like to be vegan but im not a huge vegie lover but these videos have really motivated me to give it a shot 🙂

  20. I’m trying this!

  21. I'm hoping to make them in September when I start highschool!

  22. Thankyou! I’m new to being vegan and I’m having ALOT of trouble figuring out what to pack for my school lunch!this really helped 😀

  23. PAWS UP ! PLS use spinach or kale – not other lettuce !

  24. Where do you get the boxes themselves? Just basic plastic from the store?

  25. this is the cutest shit ive ever seen

  26. neverbeentrulyhappy

    everything looks yummy :3

  27. thank you for making veganism and vegan meal planning look as simple it is!

  28. These look so good! I need to try all your bento box recipes. I need to add more uncooked vegetables in my diet.

  29. In love with your rings! Where did you get them?

  30. I got some good ideas from this. Awesome job!

  31. Is she vegan?

  32. What kind of Flour Tortillas did you use?

  33. Debopriya Mallick


  34. Oh my gosh girl! That beautiful kale salad! You really know how to pack a lunch. SUBSCRIBED!

  35. YES wraps

  36. It's looks delicious !! These are great ideas ! : D

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