Healthy vegan meal prep – Full Recipes below Link to recipe video for red lentil and sweet potato dhal Check …


  1. 180° Celsius?

  2. My Intentional Home

    Love this video!!!! As a busy mamma I am always looking to simplify my life!

  3. Great ideas but for a healthy vegan meal prep, it sure seems rather low on dark leafy greens and greens in general.

  4. what creative and original meal planning. kudos

  5. Mellonee Edgeston

    All these foods look delicious

  6. love this so much! thank you!!!

  7. Wonderful delicious ideas, very much enjoy your channel :)))

  8. All look amazing!

  9. wow, that all looks good

  10. Loved your video and all your amazing and healthy recipes, Just subscribed to your channel 🙂

  11. thanks for all the ideas. can u use potato starch? that's what I have

  12. Thanks for the great tips. ima vegan newbie and struggling a little. this info is going to help out A LOT!

  13. Love the video 🙂 I think the amount of carbs in the overnight oats is a little off though! Its way less than 90 grams x

  14. amazing quality!

  15. Thanks for this! I'm trying to lose weight. This is really helpful and straight forward 🙂 keep it up xx

  16. Great video gorg❤

  17. The Vibrant Vegan

    Full recipes are in the description box.
    I also made a mistake, in the creamy pasta salad, I used plain flour, not cornstarch

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