Healthy Vegan Lunches For School Or Work!

All recipes are listed here! *When I talked about how great oils can be, I mean the FATS in the oils! Oils can be refined & processed which can degrade the …


  1. Love your recipes! Makes me want to go vegan.

  2. Love your recipes! Makes me want to go vegan.

  3. These recipes look yummy and easy. I can't wait to try the chickpea sandwich.

  4. So glad I found your channel! Lots of excellent meal ideas.

  5. I LOVE how simple these ideas are!! Great job!

  6. TIP: remove the brown ends of the sprouts to avoid the weird taste!

  7. Ahhhh u r such a good cook !! I love ur channel and ur vids . Also I think it is " flavoursome " 🙂 . Xx

  8. Any replacements for vegan mayo??? I hate mayo vegan or not!!

  9. OMG! I love you <3

  10. Elizabeth Cortes

    Do you cook the beans?

  11. love this! you're a fab role model for young girls x

  12. Hope Mackenzie Frey

    I'm incredibly picky and it's hard to find recipes that I'll actually like but I'm looking forward to trying all of these!

  13. Why did you put vinegar in the quinoa?

  14. Arash Mahdawi Nader

    Love you and your simple and organized videos. Keep going the path of transformation and awakening. 🙂

  15. nakakatuwa naman filipina ka pala? gaano ka na katagal sa pagiging vegan?

  16. Thanks for a sharing! God bless! All the vegans please join our group vegans United on Facebook . Thanks!

  17. Amazing as always, sure gonna make the pasta!

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