Healthy & Vegan Breakfast Ideas! | Raw in College

MY FAVORITE HEALTHY & VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS! I share my delicious tropical smoothie bowl and parfait with granola along with a few tips! LET’S GET …


  1. I love these recipes!

  2. "it really does NOT taste healthy, it is so good!" LOL! You know, from my vegan experience over the past year, I've found food to be SO much tastier than when I was eating garbage. The fresher, the tastier. Now, I'm looking forward to eating raw in the coming semester. That is, so long as I can find a much needed work study! Knock on wood.

  3. I'm so happy I found your account c: because I'm in college so it's a struggle making a vegan meal

  4. These all look incredible Ashley, the parfait looks absolutely incredible!!

  5. What a wonderful video!!! I love how you shared very simple yet elegant raw vegan recipes so even those just getting started on this journey can make beautiful breakfast dishes like this! Good job!Peace & Raw Health,Elizabeth

  6. You are so bright and inspiring. <3 Love these videos.

  7. The girl who wants to know

    Wow your recipes look so good ! And how do you cut your kiwis they look amazing.

  8. this looks so good! only problem is i don't have a blender at school :/ do you have any suggestions for raw breakfasts without a blender?

  9. I had no idea cinnamon was raw, but of course it is! Haha i top everything with that stuff 😉

  10. all things looks so yummy and beautiful

  11. Your so prettyyyy and thank you for all the recipes

  12. that parfait is such a good idea!!!

  13. The "yogurt" parfait is really creative, I gotta try that!

  14. these all look amazing, thanks ashley !!!

  15. Can you buy mulberries at trader joes?

  16. I love those vegan breakfast ideas! So fresh and clean! Great video! <33

  17. Amazing Video!!

  18. Great video Ashley!!!! Can't wait to meet up in person 🙂 That tropical smoothie bowl looked amazing!

  19. How did you and Caitlin collaborate on this video together?

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