Healthy, Vegan Breakfast Ideas || Matara Scott

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  1. pink flamingos always fascinated me

    I like your shirt! I'm a big fan also.

  2. Jorvik Rangers Club

    I am thinking of changing my diet so this video is really helpful

  3. I'm a new vegan and this is sooooo helpful!

  4. I love your videos!!!!!

  5. Delicious girl i subscribed to your channel. try to make more breakfas vegan please

  6. where did you get your bowl! xxx

  7. i want to be vegan so bad

  8. Really like your shirt!

  9. Love the cocoa porridge recipe thanks!! will try it for my breakfast tomorrow <3

  10. Any Scottish vegans?

  11. you're so pretty!! and Starting January I'm going to go vegan trying to for the whole month, I've never been vegan before.

  12. Thank you! Good ideas there.

  13. looks great! awesome ideas!! 😀

  14. Boy. This is gonna take alot to learn what's vegan or vegetarian and what's not. Well, what's not its easy. I'm ready for some fresh food. So far I've been eating mini Cucumbers mini belle peppers and mini cherry tomatoes.. It's gonna be hard to start this.

  15. What are dates and vital lites?

  16. I loved the first idea, I'm looking for some ideas to use less soy milk and mixing it with oats watter, cinamon and cocoa may be a good option!

  17. Where do u buy your cocoa powder I'm fm the uk and Holland and Barrett is sooo expensive x

  18. Сёмкина Дарья

    WOW! It was so helpfull (maybe only for me :D) And I love your food-videos ♥

  19. Matara you are so funny OMG. And I don't know if I've asked this or not but where does your name come from? I love it so muchhh

  20. oooh yes do a dinner video! i never know what to make that is quick and doesnt call for too many ingredients i dont have. i basically always make rice bowls which i love but other ideas would be great. otherwise my mom just makes frozen gardein meals which i'd prefer not to have so often.

  21. now sub to u lov uu :-*

  22. i loved the video, Matara! Can't wait for your holiday series 🙂

  23. I loved these ideas,I really want to try some soon 🙂

  24. great video, can you do a uptade room tour, i can see a few changes in your room.. ly xo

  25. after this video I make a delicious banana bread <3

  26. love love love girlllll <3

  27. Giiiirl no! That persimmon is completely un-ripe!! When you eat persimmons when they aren't ripe, they leave this nasty dry film all over your mouth, tongue, and gums that feels like you have cotton in your mouth-it's horrible! (I found out the hard way.) Those kind of persimmons are the kind that you have to eat really squishy to the point that they look almost rotten; it's the other persimmons that look like an orange tomato that are flatter that you can eat when they are light orange and hard.

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  29. definetely do lunch and all the other things you said!!!

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