Healthy Tuna Melt Sandwich | Vegan, plant-based vegetarian recipe

Ah the classic tuna melt sandwich. Possibly, the most American sandwich, second only to the BLT. But for those of us who want all the decadence but none of …


  1. More corny than a box of Kellog's

  2. SO GOOD!!

  3. I like their reaction.. the girl with empty plate, wanted more.. nice one.

  4. Where do u get palm like on video

  5. Looking forward to trying that!

  6. MORE Vegan recipes PLEASE!

  7. This is SOOOOOO GOOD!

  8. I just made this. Love this

  9. Plant Planet Earth

    Made this today! It is my go to sandwich! I don't even add the nori or cheese!

  10. I have made this recipe several times. Love it!

  11. Mouth is watering…will be making this tomorrow!!

  12. Is this with the canned hearts of palm since I have not seen them in produce department.

  13. Are hearts of palm different than artichoke hearts?

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