Healthy Snacks & Weight Loss Tips: Super Crunch! Baked Green Beans, Vegetarian Health Food

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  1. Hate eggs

  2. Good recipe, I have a similar one to share.  Sweet potato and yam's cut in 1/2 length then microwaved 2 min per side or till slightly soft not mush. Cut into triangle wedges.
    Foil in baking sheet with coconut oil, rub all sides in the oil and cook skin side down.
    400 deg for 15 min or till slightly browned to taste.  BC, before Corrina I used olive oil or butter.

  3. Hi!! I love your videos there a lot of interesting and valuable information!
    Do you eat tuna?
    Can you make a healthy recipe with that?

  4. Samantha Anderson

    This looks great! I love your videos and am so inspired by you! Thanks for being awesome!

  5. lilpandanesegirl

    Hello! How about Milk shakes like herbal life for meal replacement is that good?

  6. Rigel Martinez

    OMG I could eat that every week on Wednesday. Why only on Wednesday, who cares?

  7. Daniel Catallo

    Attempting to lose the 40 lbs I gained from a car accident. Corrina is my motivator, she makes everything delicious, including herself. yum!

  8. Would you please make a video about autism diets and is it have any bad effect on health if it go as life long diet

  9. Corrina, what are the best foods for Asthmatics to eat to control Asthma?
    I'm aware avoiding tomatoes & drinking lots of water is good (that's why I eat barbecue meatlovers pizzas) but how can we treat it without toxic medicines? 
    Inhalers do a bit of relief, but they're more a cash cow for Big Pharma. 
    I found a YouTube video about a Dr. David Hahn in Wisconsin has experimented with Zithromax to abolish or reduce the severity of Asthma in patients. 
    I've tried eating healthy, but my body needs junk food or I starve. 
    Any Asthma super foods which are like a "magic pill"?

  10. Has anyone tried this with asparagus? I would like to see an asparagus recipe sometime. =D

  11. Thanh Quynh Tran

    Excuse me, I did exercises and I didn't eat much but I haven't lost any weight though I do look thinner. Can you explain and give me some advice?

  12. hello,,can you put videos of what you eat daily,,,very helpful,,thanks

  13. Corrina, in your point of view what is the most effective diet for athletes?? i would really love a video that gives healthy tips to athletes. thank you amazing Corrina:)

  14. Thank you for all the up-to-date nutrition information.  It would be great if you can sort the related subjects in right sequence on the playlist and add sequence number to titles. Therefore, viewers can easily follow your guideline step-by-step to get a whole picture.  The current playlist  is kind of mixed to make it difficult to follow through.

  15. Does anyone have ever tried the Raw Fit High Portein for Weight Loss? it claims to be vegan and organic

  16. Johnny Scallywag

    hi corrina i love your videos and you have been a great help with my nutrition and a great inspiration. greetings from Guatemala. 

  17. Love your videos Corrina!  You always have great information! 

  18. pls add more recipes..we are following this closely.

  19. Mohammed Ismail

    Gud Mam Superb I gonna Try tomorrow Thank for sharing

  20. if i may make a positive comment??    im very inspired by you and your beautiful healthy lifestyle,,,and your absolutely beautiful also!!   so my suggestion is you do your cooking specials with live talking rather than alotta finger movement and a voice over,,  if you filmed it like a regular cooking show with your amazing self just talking,,and some good funny editing then you would have an amazing finish product,,  just saying    give it a try   🙂    keep being amazing!!!

  21. Corrina, will you ever use an electric guitar in one of your videos?
    If you do plan on it, could you please give an attempt at covering Brian May – Driven by You, it's a great song & has a lot of guitar work in it.
    Just a thought. Or you could just play whatever you're comfortable with on your acoustic.
    I'm not sure if you like people talking about your music, I just thought it's more constructive than the vile filth many type on the channel, the 'cyber sexual harassment' which is just constant.
    When are you planning another "F*** You Haters & Pervs" video?

  22. Hi! I don't know if you mentioned this in another video because I just started watching, but is Activia vanilla yogurt good for you? Or what type of yogurt would be good?
    Also, is trail mix (with M&Ms) good for a healthy diet because you still have the nuts and raisins?

  23. I have been a vegatarian for over 6 years thanks for the recipes!

  24. HEB eggs! All riiiiiiight! Good stuff.

  25. A girl that can cook (especially organic), will win any man's heart <3 

  26. Rjames Elliott

    You rock

  27. Corrina the cheesecake yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  28. Is this recipe available anywhere without having to watch the vid and write it down? I want to make these tonight!

  29. Stupid mcdonalds advert.

  30. If your beans are wet, put them in the breadcrumbs (or any starch really) before the eggs, then proceed as normal.

  31. Looks like it could be tasty, but eggs are not vegan.

  32. U live in Texas?

  33. great video corina ..:) i have just found a new produkt that i really feel keep me full for a long time its called

    Skyr is an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt. i dont know if you have it over there en austin texas..:) but its great ..:) it has a high protin count..:)

  34. Unfortunately, these are not vegan because of the egg usage.  Could I do this with asparagus, you think?

  35. MountainCatBob

    Hey Corrina, Love your healthy Snack tips! Another of my favorites is kale chips with Brewer's Yeast & pink sea salt & Cayenne pepper…

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