Healthy Snacks & Weight Loss Tips: Homemade Trail Mix Bars & Parfait, High Protein, Vegetarian

Healthy Snacks & Weight Loss Tips: Homemade Trail Mix Bars & Parfait, Vegetarian ↓ Follow Me! Social Media Links Below ↓ Certified Health Coach, Corrina …


  1. What can you use instead of honey. A family member was stung by a bee now she thinks she is allergic to honey.

  2. Heya, The best success that I have ever had was with carys magic diet (just google it) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  3. I will definitely be making this!

  4. I have a feeling this won't store well, and any efforts on my part to make it so will destroy the "healthy" fat benefits 🙁 .

  5. Alright there! Have you tried – Fionas fat free family feasts (google it)? Ive heard some interesting things about it, my mate discovered some amazing recipes with it. 

  6. Kelli Alexander

    I made the hugh mistake of having a gastric sleeve surgery and I have not been the same since both mental and physical. Do you have any suggestions that might help. This is one of the biggest regrets of my life.

  7. Ok, I wouldn't say that's an "unhealthy" snack. But from a caloric standpoint, that parfait looks it would easily reach 250KCal. or maybe more, with the majority of calories coming from fat. Eat that just 4 times a week, and you're looking at adding 1000 calories a week to your diet. Assuming a 150 lb. women who wants to lose weight, or lean down a little, that's an extra 6 hours of walking/week just to burn off that "weight loss snack". – Or, do you have a better estimate of the macros?

  8. Rjames Elliott

    Thank you i have just started to eat late night snack, this help 

  9. Stella is always a ready and willing little helper, or should I say supervisor lol

  10. Lol. I have those tiny plates. In my house. So today i bought the ingredients. Sadly i can't afford a raw yogurt. Since then small one costs like 3-4 dollars.. It tasted fantastic even though i subbed the honey for lemon XD 

  11. ILoveSoImAlive

    omg. now i understand what the idea behind this channel was! all this discussions about whats going wrong with healthcare and stuff…
    omg how could i be so blind…?
    same principles over and over again. life can be realy simple.
    well, whatever. and thats not even problem of a channel…. realy good advertisement/entertainment channel, for ppl who should do something for their health, but dont realy wont to, it became… well something like that will have a biiiiig audience.
    thanks for showing me this.

  12. Hopefully Stella didn't just come straight from the litter box!

  13. That was real cute.. Well done.. I'd finish this one off with a dark chocolate drizzle


  14. This is cool, I'll definitely be making my own version of this because I like to do a lot of hiking and mountain climbing.

    Just a heads up for you though Corrina, Spectrum Organic is owned by Hain Celestial; they have ties to many big corrupt corporate giants including Monsanto. It's not really possible to say if their products are compromised without some sort of lab analysis…but I thought you might want to avoid the products just in case…plus none of us want to support any corrupt corp. giants.

    I use Nutiva – and it looks like tropical traditions is a good company too from the little bit of research I did – you'll probably want to do some of your own research too to be sure.

  15. Hi Corrina, mmm this looks good, thanks for sharing your idea, nuts by themselves in the afternoon at work are too dry but maybe in this combination with some yogurt will do the trick!  Think I will make some 😉

  16. Beatrice Leonforte

    So basicly is all fat…

  17. The nut and yogurt combo looks really good…and I love it when Stella decides to make cameo appearances during a Psychetruth video. 😀

  18. What is the shelf life? Yes I liked this video too. 🙂

  19. Megan Campbell

    Im going to the store now to get everything. To make my snacks

  20. Any tips for simlar snacks for people with a nut allergy?

  21. Omar Al-Rawajfeh.

    Pleaae do healthy late night snack

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