Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss | Lose 3Kg in a Week | Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss

Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss | Lose 3 Kgs in a Week | Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss | Weight Loss Smoothies | 3 Orange Banana …


  1. sravani peesapati

    I have thyroid can I follow this smoothies

  2. Hi Vicky!! Can you please suggest any other protein powder as I can’t find oziva in Australia. I live in Sydney and I couldn’t find that. I am diagnosed with pcos and gained 20 kgs weight. Please reply !!

  3. Hii vicky , only 3 smoothies a day and no food pls rply .

  4. Hey.. Thyroid patients should not take protein powder ?

  5. Please do a video on the best protein supplements for women in india cheap and best for weight loss ..

  6. I have allergy in banana… Plz suggest is it possible to with out banana smoothie.or alternative fruits?

  7. Ur voice is so sexy yar

  8. Is it safe for pregnant women?

  9. Archana Kalidindi

    Can you have it for dinner too

  10. Pls make a weight loss diet plan video for people suffering stomach gas

  11. We need to hv only 1 glass in a day .????

  12. Queen of weight loose

  13. Äshmä Khatun MahatÖ

    All videos are awsome u dear..

  14. Mam plxx will uh tell me.. What is shelf life of UA fairness cream

  15. Can i added whey protein? And i am taking protein drink in night with scoop so can. I take it in the lunch as well

  16. srishti naigaonkar

    Can we have these smoothies after workout?

  17. Hlo di can i drink this lunch time

  18. super make vitamin d deficiency diet

  19. Vicky vicky vicky plss one question!! Can i add Himalayan pink salt and pepper to the eggs when in egg diet or it is to be consumed just like that..

  20. liked it sooooo much thanks please make a video of herbalife products can pcod&thyroid people can consume dates ladoo whenever they have sweet cravings please please reply

  21. For Thyroid patients, I suggest using this protein powder instead of the one shown in the video. Link to buy :
    Thyroid patients are sometimes reactive to whey and soy protein hence suggesting the powder with pea protein.

  22. پلیز کوئی بتا دے یہ سموتھی ہم شام میں بھی لے سکتے ہیں یا صرف ناشتہ میں ؟؟؟؟

  23. Plz do a fertility diet video.

  24. Why u say the third smoothie cannot be had by thyroid patients. Can you please explain on it.

  25. Hi Vicky where I can find that protein powder in Australia I think they don’t ship that product in Australia

  26. Hello mam why can't thyroid patients can have this last smoothie which includes protein powder actually i already ordered it after watching ur liquid diet plan ..i m suffering from thyroid can i take protein powder suggested by u..plz lemme know mam

  27. Why can't the last recipe be used for people who are suffering from hypothyroid?

  28. Vicky kindly respond to me..that protien powder is it not adviced for hypothyroid pts. Plzz reply as i bought the same company protien powder plzzz

  29. Mam wil u pls suggest how to increase hdl….

  30. Merci vicky pour les conseils

  31. Shubhra Raj Narang

    Please,give is more orange juice brands,as it is not available in India,even for carrot juice and tomato juice.

  32. Big enemy of fat on this planet

  33. Hi it's a humble request to u make video on kids having tonsils and adenoids. Apnea. My kid is 7 years old he is suffering frm these.plz help me out .vicky

  34. Breastfeeding mother can use this plzzzzzzzzz reply.

  35. Thanx

  36. Instead of orange shall I use lemon,

  37. Faouzia Abdul Kareem

    Ma'am plz tell am having c section after 9 mnt my weight is 69 what I do I loss my weight plz tell which diet I do

  38. Is there no replacement for banana????
    Pls reply

  39. Saadiakaramat realinnocentlady Karamat

    can we eat this with diabetes

  40. I can't work out due to backache problems. Can this smoothie help me in loosing fat…… Plz reply.

  41. Sabji smoothie Lena hai kya

  42. Can we take Acv when taking these smoothies ? Thanks

  43. plz Urdu my baty

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