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use moringa in your meals and make them nutrient dense. today I am sharing healthy cauliflower sabzi with moringa powder using groundnut oil #vegan. this …


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    Hey guys! sharing a healthy side dish recipe perfect for dinner with roti or rice.
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  2. Hello mam.. is moringa powder allowed in pregnancy..

  3. Adding moringa powder into the sabzi was a twist. I will try it. I am using organic India moringa powder. But it looks different than yours don't know why

  4. Anathakrishnan S

    Adi poli curry madam for sure try cheyum

  5. cauliflower one of my fav vegetable..will try mam..

  6. Mam can you please do receipese for evening snacks without oil

  7. Hello mam now ramdan is going to started.. So I can drink ur banana and oats smoothie at sahur?? Morning before 5 o clock….

  8. Thyroid peoples can eat this mam?

  9. Priyanka Kaushik

    Very nice recipe. I have not tasted moringa leaves or powder? does moringa powder have a typical taste or smell…I mean is it overpowering? Could you describe the taste of moringa?

  10. Cauliflower looking not fresh ☺️

  11. Did you cook the cauliflower in cooker before adding?

  12. Parthasarathy Sampath

    Very good healthy recepe.Will try out.

  13. preetha gautam

    Mam, can u share some interesting recipes with avocado

  14. Rama Chakkaravarthy

    Super very nice it's different from the other curry very healthy recipe thanks for sharing

  15. Shatarupa Dutta Banerjee

    Mam plz any replacement of cauliflower

  16. Very nice

  17. Does moringa powder change the taste of dish to bitter

  18. poonam krishen

    whats the reply

  19. It looks healthy & delicious.

  20. Nice recipe dear, let me try. Thank you for the recipe.

  21. Hi Nisa ji, Jus a query. Wanted to know how long an we store kaphli/Emmer wheat flour dough. N how to store it. Coz I had extra dough n stored in an air tight container applying oil. But the dough became very sticky. Kindly revert back.

  22. Thank you so much Mam! Plz share more recipes

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