HEALTHY RECIPES TO LOSE WEIGHT FOR SUMMER 2018! (What I eat to get in shape)

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing some of my top healthy weight loss recipes to lose weight for summer – What I eat to lose weight for summer, and get into better …


  1. Zainab Attarwala

    These are great ideas but eating based off a calorie deficit diet wont necessarily help you lose weight! They can be pretty dangerous. Your body will actually end up chewing up your muscle for energy, leaving fat behind. Eating a 1700-2000 calorie diet with nutritious food and working out is a better alternative, because your body will lose fat while building muscle mass. You might not lose weight, but a lower weight doesn't make you healthy or more summer body ready either! I'm not trying to hate, but many people think that these calorie deficit diets apply to them to tone their bodies. Diets like these are meant for people who have been advised to lose a certain amount of weight, so someone with an average weight for their height can be negatively affected. Just a thought.

  2. Please do more of these!

  3. bless

  4. Gabby Rosevids

    Heyyy I’m new to ya channel but I luv u already

  5. I am so happy i found you!

  6. Great recipes! Thank you 🙂 you add so much to this social network. Always happy when upload a new video 🙂 xxx

  7. Where do you get the dairy free cheese?

  8. samantha Buckson

    Have a nice day

  9. samantha Buckson

    I enjoy watching your video

  10. amazing great work !!! KEEP GOING !

  11. Just something usefull …
    If you dont know how to start the Paleo life style I would love to recommend this Paleo beginner Guide book, it helped me alot. I think i cooked half the recipes from this book, i love them, i feel better, lighter, healthier. The best part … the book is FREE. Give it a try and I hope you will love it as I do!

  12. have to try that ice cream thing. i cant eat raw bananas but if they go through a freezer i can eat them so this is the way to go (alongside banana pancakes and smoothies)

  13. Those lollies look very tasty and are probably a super nice snack! I'd love to try them but I don't have ice lolly molds. I wish I can find them in our shop.

  14. Most people in their 30's start to notice loss of “brain power” or “cognitive performance”

  15. i need to try out this pepper recipe ♥️

  16. Can you please make vegetarian recipes (breakfast-lunch-dinner-snack)

  17. Hey Liezl, thanks for the inspiring recipes. Can you link any tupperware and appliances you use as well (the lollie tray, for example). It helps understanding and getting the portions right. Or the tupperware you use to prepare food in advance. Thanks!

  18. These recipes look sooo good! Thank you so much for your inspiration. I always used to make your chocolate chia pudding as well in summer, it is really nice if you feel like 'cheating'.

  19. I'm going to try some of these recipes, it all looks so delicious. Xx

  20. Home Chic Club

    Great ideas, I`m gonna try them all! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Nora Lakhsaissi

    Hi Liezel, i wanted to say that you saved me from having an eating disorder, your recipes are amazing and i just love your videos.

    I wanted to ask you, now I’m 15 years old, i was 67 kg, but after intense dieting and exercising, and emotional rollercoaster, I’m finally 57 kg.

    My question is if the weight I’m at rn is good enough or should i lose some more ?

    This question is opened to answer by anyone that has some kind of knowledge about this topic,
    So please anyone just help me out

    PS. My height is 160 cm

  22. I love all these ideas. I also love how much effort you put into your videos, it works great. They are all amazing!

  23. You should open a restaurant… A chain of Restaurants across SA.. Serving great meals like this.. Even Take out breakfast packs for those on the go.. from convenience stores in high footfall areas. Just an Idea but with the right backing you could go along way..

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