HEALTHY Paneer Tikka Masala – Indian Bodybuilding Recipes | BeerBiceps Vegetarian SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693 How to make paneer : Ingredients :- 200g …


  1. are sudha and amul paneer good for everyday usage?

  2. quick question, can I use lite sour cream instead of corn starch & milk?

  3. Thank u bro. Finally a healthy diet video in our style of cooking

  4. Brother..I am following your keto diet concept..i am 26..I started since 9 days and i lost 3.5kg..but still somewhere i am suspicious that im going wrong when i do have a bit of onion n capsicum n carrot..Just two question, can i add all your recipe in keto diet? and how many kg supposed to loose in a month with keto diet? please tell your experience that how many kg u loose in a month with keto?

  5. how many carbs in this?

  6. Also, can I have it while on a fat loss diet???

  7. Excellent!!! Can you like make this stuff, store it for a couple of days in your fridge and have it on the go after microwaving it? I don't have the time to cook this everyday

  8. Jusreignnnnn broooo

  9. U r awesome .. such a good receipe …

  10. Sagun Sagar Bajpai

    Hey, but u didn't mention the amount of paneer in your description.

  11. Thnx sure brother ,even I am indian :}I'm going to start lifting coming week,one doubt can I lift when I'm not even slim?

  12. Ranveer- Cheers brotha! Your my inspiration to get into fitness bud…Ok see I'm 14 yrs old  70 kg <lost 5kg last 3 weeks> so I do 7 min full body cardio I go gym run on treadmill , cycle ,elliptical. and I don't have certain diet I just don't eat junk ,sugar, but I have to eat rice some days..So what is your opinion am I going on the right way? Hope you answer so ill be rly happy -Jelin James

  13. loved the video buddy! oh yeah!

  14. 😀 more cooking videos :)

  15. everything is Fyn abt this recipe but its gonna take so much tym to prepare!!
    so yeah u can say its a kind weekend enjy reciepe. not day to day on a daily basis…

  16. Are u punjabi ranveer?

  17. shubham shrivastav

    bro u killed it. aur bhai wo end ka ohh yeah.. 🙂 superr

  18. Souvik Chakraborty

    Can u post some veg recipes without onions? Want to cook some for my Ma.Can use garlic.

  19. u n ur videos made me a cook. .now I'm cooking for my self … thanks a lotttttttt

  20. wowwwwwww ranveer..what a dish. …plz plzzzzz plz keep adding these types of delicious veg recipes..

  21. dude you're amazing. you literally solved all my food problems. this is exactly what I want to eat and cook: healthy Indian vegetarian recipes that are high in protein. please do not stop. your vegetarian videos have saved me. thank you so much and keep it coming

  22. Please Add Some More Veg Dishes

  23. this is great.thanks so much for the video!!!!

  24. ah! just saw the last part where you show the macros, please ignore previous post

  25. how does this break down macro wise? this looks really good

  26. good video 🙂
    keep it up !

  27. Your videis are awesohe man

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