HEALTHY Paneer Recipes – Paneer Cheese Kabab | HIGH PROTEIN Vegetarian recipes ( INDIAN )

Combining the power of 3 HIGH PROTEIN vegetarian food sources (PANEER, CHEESE, CURD) I bring you the ULTIMATE vegetarian bodybuilding recipe …


  1. bhai cheese spread sahi rahega ya block wala?

  2. For coating, we can use oats as well. Maida not required.

  3. Annie From the T Dot

    Awesome recipe and awesome dog!

  4. keto friendly?

  5. can we eat amul flavoured cheese spread on weightloss diet..??

  6. Deepthy Chandrashekhar

    Thank you for your videos… I am trying to lose weight… any suggestions as to how much cheese we can use? any table of information?

  7. Hi. Can this be eaten while in Ketosis? Would the coating kick me out of ketosis?

  8. Very high amount of fat dude

  9. hello, is there a substitute for oregano and thyme?

  10. Its great to see a bodybuilder who can cook! 🙂 Cool recipe, will try it for sure. Btw, instead of maida will corn flour do? I mean the mix stick as you said if we replace maida with corn flour?

  11. Hey mate is that mozzarella cheese?

  12. If u want to avoid carbs ..almond flour is good substitute to maida..looks yummy though

  13. does rajma causes gas problems?

  14. classics

  15. Awesome ! :)

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