Healthy Meal Prep for Weight Loss [VEGAN] [WSLF] + McDougall Giveaway

This video is LONG overdue! I show you what I eat almost every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like I said, I try to stay the eff out of the kitchen most of the …


  1. Northwest Nirvana

    My favorite meal is burrito bowls!

  2. Sybil Shelton-Ford

    I love black rice… tons of anti oxidants!!! But if I need comfort, it's jasmine rice

  3. Sybil Shelton-Ford

    Sweet potato loaded with veggies, beans, some herbs and a sauce made with oil free hummus and water… like mix the hummus and the water to make sauce. Yum!!!!!

  4. Golden potatoes are our family fav!! The skins aren't as tough as the Russets so the kids will eat the skins as well PLUS the insides are almost "buttery" tasting so you aren't likely to want to add an oil based spread to it. Mashies with Goldens are amazing as well. Also, I do not poke holes in the potatoes with my fork until after an hour if they are large or about a half hour if the potatoes are small. My large potatoes and sweet potatoes will generally always cook for an hour at 350 then get poked. then another half an hour. Great video!!!

  5. Am I the only person who eats rice for breakfast ??? :O

  6. sweet potato chili!

  7. Sweet Potatoes!

  8. Soup and rice is an every day lunch for me!!!!!!!

  9. I'm an Idaho potato gal

  10. You rock pigtails btw

  11. My fav WSLF meal is hash browns and veggies!!

  12. Can't find these soups at my grocery store so winning a whole case of them would rock my world

  13. So glad I'm off the coffee train :)

  14. Getting a rice cooker was the greatest WSLF investment. Only $30 and can steam, cook perfect rice, add coconut aminos, and have myself a meal!

  15. Japanese Sweet Potatoes are so fab

  16. I've got a McDoug crush fosho

  17. This would so help me as a student!

  18. Where can I get this shirt?!? Love it!

  19. Agnieszka Wróblewska

    I love my oats and potatoes! Blackberries are life too:)

  20. My boyfriend and I eat a ton of that same short grain brown rice every week. I wish I could find it in larger bags!

  21. I want to thank you for introducing me to WSLF. It has changed everything!

  22. Chelsea Blackwood

    Russets for life

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