Healthy Filling Salad Recipe – Vegan, Healthy, Weight Loss

Healthy filling salad recipe – vegan, healthy, weight loss. I have my fave salad recipes that is super healthy, filling & vegan. Salads are super healthy but …


  1. Sorry, I know this is months old now but I'm only just watching it! If you eat it over a few days, does the avocado not turn brown? Thinking of making it for my lunches this week but I'm not sure about the avocado! Thanks :)

  2. Thanks 🙂 going to make this

  3. yummy af!

  4. Love the dressing !!!

  5. can quinoa be replaced by oatmeal?

  6. It's a Linda Memphis Kinda Life!

    Looks super yum!!! And with mustard and lemon juice…perfect! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Yum! Trying this very soon!

  8. That looks amazing. Can't wait to make it…and eat it :-)

  9. drizzle olive oil in lemon juice while you mix (until it's mixed really well and turns almost white) with salt and pepper is really good on salads just because I don't like mustard you could also use any type of wine vinegar

  10. Great recipe! ♡

  11. For some reason I don't like watching these types of videos when they're created by other YouTubers, but absolutely LOVE yours. I refuse to watch anybody else's. That being said, just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.

  12. This looks really great! I would love to see more videos on meal prep/lunches to take to work. I get so lazy with making food for work and when I do make it, I end up not wanting to eat what I made. It seems like you are always eating delicious and healthy meals, so would love to see more food related videos 🙂 Gonna try making this for lunch this week!

  13. Yessss I'm literally going to make this !!

  14. Yes I'm making this

  15. I don't know why I never thought of using quinoa in my salads. should try adding that ❤

  16. Looks so nice!

  17. Yummy! I love mustard too, just curious why it's not that healthy?

  18. AnotherFabulousGirl

    How many servings would you say this is? xxx

  19. One thing I do when I cook my quinoa is use some low sodium vegetable broth instead of water! It gives it some extra flavor, and the low sodium broth doesn't make it too salty or overpowering. Just thought I'd share :)

  20. How many calories

  21. Who else hates salad dressing or is it just me?

  22. Hunniebunches020405

    Ah this looks so good!

  23. I used to make salads like these so much but I just kinda stopped… This inspired me to want to start making it again!

  24. Amazing salad for taking to uni! xx

  25. this looks sooo good

  26. Looks delicious will defiantly try

  27. Think this is the only salad i would put in effort into doing because it looks soiiiii goood

  28. Yum! This salad looks so tasty! xxx

  29. Looks good

  30. IFFATH Comedy Gamer

    you are soo cute and Hi Rachel!

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    Great video!! Hey If you like healthy indian food then do check out my recipes..

  32. This is almost the exact salad I make! I like to add zucchini, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, sliced almonds, olives, and romaine lettuce of kale 🙂 or sometimes I use pasta and instead of quinoa. I'm still working on the perfect dressing. Maybe an avocado basil would be good

  33. I thought you didn't like vegans . . . What about that rant?

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