Healthy Dinner Recipes – How to Make Veggie-Packed Chicken Fried Rice

Get the recipe for Veggie-Packed Chicken Fried Rice at: Make sure the kids and adults get …


  1. Love the recipes on this channel usually but I can't stand the background music

  2. Go eat meat it's healthy

  3. Sorry to criticize, but why are you using "Vegetable Oil?" Why are you not using and showing "Olive Oil or Avocado Oil?"
    This day and age there is so much info on the bad oils, and you lost me at the vegetable oil point of the video. That
    zeroes out healthy from the get go. You list on the recipe> 9 teaspoons of Vegetable oil. 🙁

    Also, use Organic Quinoa ipo rice. Do the research on what is going with rice these days….and do soy search
    on what is going on with soy, too. Organic Liquid Aminos can be used to replace soy…great flavor and it
    is easy to find in the supermarkets..

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