Healthy Corn Chowder | #10HealthyMeals | Donal Skehan

Easy, affordable, tasty and comforting. This vegetarian soup recipe has everything you want and is super-healthy too – perfect for a new year’s resolution.


  1. The recipe calls for no salt or pepper? O_o

  2. Potatoes aren't healthy tho

  3. Who still uses milk in the year 2018? By now everyone should know how unhealthy milk is and that it makes cancer cells grow rapidly. shakes head Now I remember why I have never cooked any Jamie Oliver recipes in my life.

  4. I just tried out this recipe! However, I used lactose-free milk which is a little sweeter than normal milk so it turned out a bit different. I also added a VERY generous amount of salt and pepper, and I used fresh corn off the cob which I tossed in at the same time as the potatoes. Thank you, Donal!

  5. Looks great! will try with prawns

  6. I don't care much about healthy but simple and delicious? Can't say no to that.

  7. So funny to have KFC add before this video ))))

  8. Little drop? XD

  9. Владимир Михайлов

    Выглядит аппетитно, надо будет попробовать.

  10. "Just a little drop of olive oil." Glug Glug Glug

  11. how was quarter a bootle of oil a little drop?

  12. Jamie Oliver, shite! can only do salads.

  13. hi I love love all these type of creamy types of foods they are my favorite but I just recently found out my husband has become lactose intolerant. what can I do? when all these yummy recipes call for milk or whole milk. would it be the same with any other animal milk we are both new to this whole lactose intolerance thing.

  14. what does it taste like? is it sweet? were going to cook this in school for a cooking contest,but my classmate said that this soup might be too sweet…


    Dude you are killing it. Your channel helps a lot for student / bachelor cooking. Big Thank you 🙂

  16. can I use heavy cream instead of milk? I know it isn't as healthy but I have some heavy cream that is about to expire soon

  17. How the hell did you thicken it up?

  18. You are Awesome!!

  19. Do all Irishmen have blue eyes?  are there any with brown eyes?

  20. hello. totally agree on adding the pine leaves. it wont be as nice without it. great recipe.

  21. I love that a lot of the ingredients I already have in my fridge most of the time, can't wait to give this one a go!

  22. Dear Food Tube….how would you make this vegan or gluten free?  What would you substitute?

  23. Dolan I tried this the other day it was delicious!

  24. Am I the only one who thouhgt his name was "Dolan" at first?

  25. This is not healthy.

  26. Finally tried this one out, and substituted all purpose gluten-free flour for the plain flour and coconut milk for the semi-skimmed milk. Still came out okay but was on the sweet side. Will keep tweaking it until I get the right combinations!

  27. Great recipe, Donal!!! I'll give it a go for sure!!! I'll try it adding a bit of chili pepper. Thx!!!

  28. Just done it! Delicious! Thanks! But with a bit of salt)))

  29. YUM! This looks like an amazing recipe!!! I love chowders so I will have to try this because they are usually not very healthy but yours it! 🙂

  30. I tired this recipe last night… Neither me or my boyfriend liked it… won't try it again

  31. i'm sorry but i think i'm gonna add some SALT inside the soup!

  32. Watched this yesterday and decided to make it the same day. When I was putting together my mise en place, though, I discovered I didn't have any onions other than scallions, so I just used a whole bunch of scallions in place of the onion in the beginning. I still put the 3 fresh ones in at the end with the corn. Turned out delicious! (also added some salt and pepper; really surprised that wasn't included in the recipe) I ate a bowl with a slice of toasted Asiago bread. Yum yum!

  33. i liked  the old hairstyle more but still cute

  34. Now this I have to try!

    Edit: Tried it, it's delicious!

  35. EinsteinsChalkboard

    So easy and quick to make.
    Made this for my friends with some garlic bread on the side when they randomly showed up at my place.
    Its amazing !

  36. +Donal Skehan +Jamie Oliver I made this tonight and it came out so good, really easy to make. I used unsweetened almond milk instead and included rosemary leek and chopped asparagus ! Love it!

  37. Looks amazing and I cant wait to try this!

  38. looks lovely! but where's the seasoning eh 😉

  39. I don't eat celery outside of this type of recipe; however, you can't buy just a few stalks (at least here) – I always end up throwing away half to 3/4ths of what I buy. Any tips for  extending the shelf life of celery?

  40. I'm sorry, but this is not a healthy recipe. 

    Potato: high in carbs
    Corn: high in carbs
    Milk: a lot of things, do a search for yourself. 

    Besides that, a lack of proteins and good fats makes this recipe not only non-nutritiional but also unhealthy. 

  41. Has anyone tried freezing this? Just wondering if it's the sort of dish that could be bulk cooked and frozen in portions…….

  42. Throw in some crawfish and cayenne for a twist.  I'm from Louisiana, so I love a little spice.  I've been making a less than healthy crawfish and corn chowder for years.  I really must try this lighter version.   

  43. This recipe is brilliant ill substitute the unsweetened almond milk and give it a go its been -13 at night here in the states this would make a great dinner

  44. Brilliant! It's 34º Celsius here and Im still considering cooking that for dinner tomorrow! Cheers from Brazil matte!

  45. I am gluten and lactose intolerant, but I love corn! Could I substitute rice flour for the flour and coconut milk for the milk? Thanks in advance!

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