Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Vegan Pancakes

Wanted to share a Healthy Breakfast Idea with you guys that is a quick and easy meal to prep in the morning. Pancakes are a versatile food that requires a few …


  1. Beautiful breakfast, and I love your shirt! <3 #plantstransform HUGS FROM TEXAS!

  2. Can you make a video for healthy snacks and meals for college students on a budget please?

  3. Cassandra Cassandra

    Weirdly sexual when you were pouring the syrup!! Great video !

  4. THANKSGIVING MASSACRE! Check it out on my channel

  5. Hey Brett! I have been eating healthy, vegan for 4 months, recently gluten free and trying to lose weight but I feel a little overwhelmed. I'm having trouble portioning out my meals through the day. How many calories should I eat by the end of the day? How should my meal plan look? How do I get enough protein? How many carbs should I be eating? I want to lose weight but I'm afraid that even with being vegan I might eat too many calories or too many carbs! I hope you can get back to me soon and clear up some of my confusion thanks!

  6. hey i love your videos can't wait to try them out. But i was going to see if you can please make a healthy oatmeal for breakfast,

  7. great recipe brett. Thanks for sharing. I will make on Sunday. by the way love your shirt. very unique.

  8. hi Brett, i love your channel. i live in mexico and we dont have the tipes of markets that you guys have, can you make a video or Vlog about shopping healthy food on Walmart? thank you for all your videos, you motivate me to eat better. me and my family thank you!

  9. Hey Brett do you have any ideas for high protein plant foods that don't cause bloating as beans always bloat me even when I soak them!

  10. I'm loving the more frequent videos! Keep 'em coming!! <3

  11. Yummy!!!

  12. that looks so yummy

  13. Loved the video! I've tried a few of your recipes and they're always sooooo sooooo yummy! Thanks for sharing! Can you do an updated video on what Carli eats in a day???

  14. You should make "what I eat in a day" videos.

  15. Not vegan (may not be one ever, may not) but that looks good

  16. LOVE YOUR SHIRT!! You are seriously the best, such an amazing person for caring about animals! Sending vegan love

  17. hey brett I was wondering if u could do a video or advice on how to gain weight and muscle for vegans.

  18. Hi Brett! I loved this recipe idea. I'm allergic to gluten and have been gluten free for about 5 years but I also have been hearing that gluten can be bad for people. Do y'all think you might go gluten free as well as vegan? I have eczema like Carli but now I only get breakouts if something triggers it (if I was swimming in a lake, raking leaves, sweat). Other than that I'm not itchy. Idk if that is related to me not eating gluten. Just food for thought! Love y'all!

  19. Do you guys ever use coconut milk? I just prefer the taste of coconut milk over almond milk so curious if you have tried it in your recipes :)

  20. Nice video! And I love your shirt

  21. You never used the kite hill, im really curious to know what kind of pans you use?, the brand? i need a new set and was debating between stainless steel and caphlon.

  22. what if you have a nut allergy? you cant use almond milk :/

  23. I love pancakes so much!

    Now seeing how organic vegan Panckes can get done gets more more exicited to eat the more often , guilt free!

    Thank you so much!

  24. made my mouth watering

  25. Amanda Radz (Blondie)

    Food porn <3

  26. made w pecans!

  27. very good idea in the morning but i prefer a high protein milkshake, You could try it too I have an milkshake example on my channel

  28. Love your shirt! I always put a little cinnamon in my pancakes. Great recipe I will be making these in the morning!

  29. hi brett, I like using ground flaxseed mixed with water as an egg replacer for all my baking :)

  30. YAY VEGAN!!! <3 <3 <3

  31. Love the shirt :)

  32. LOVE YOUR SHIRT! Where is it from? Also, awesome how strong you guys are staying with veganism. Love that you guys are always open to each others ideas and changes! #goals

  33. does Carli cook?

  34. go vegans

  35. They look yummy! Do have a oatmeal recipe? My husband eats a lot of oatmeal for breakfast! Thank you!

  36. innocentboyzthegreat

    Love you brett keep up the good work,im watching this in different tabs to get you more views

  37. I have no idea what he's saying I'm swimming in is big brown eyes and on cloud nine…. dos biceps doe…. his voice…. oh look pie!!!!! drools bretttttt

  38. Carli is a lucky girl!!!!!!! :)

  39. I really appreciate this vid. And def it's message. Especially coming from a guy. I'm feel like women can become vegan easier than men, men are all about their meat, I feel. Something about being a manly hunter to provide meat..??? Lol idk. It's s unnecessary tho. Props to u guys. I have a hard time trying to make me fiancé see the light lol. I hope with more time he will see, if not o well :)

  40. I need this shirt ! where it's from ?

  41. do what I eat in a day videos! loved this vid, keep em coming!


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