Healthy $15 Grocery Haul for Lunch All Week: Vegetarian

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  1. Uhhh do you really think thats enough for a vegetarian to eat as a meal? Hahahah.

  2. where did you get your ezekiel bread?

  3. No offense are thoses tofu fries suppose to look like that?? Because it looks kinda burn :(

  4. That lunch would be a snack for me. 

  5. Lol for second I thought you had a twin sitting behind you, then I realized it was a mirror. I'm slow….lol

  6. Andréas Remis Vegan Lifestyle

    Only 15 comments but 37,000 views? What? BTW Hawaii is much more expensive than where you are!! haha :)

  7. What camera do you use

  8. Kittensforbreakfast O w O


  9. FUCK YEA!

  10. Sorry, but that was pretty crappy! I watch those kind of videos to get inspiration for meals since the veggie diet sometimes gets boring for me – and you suggest some bread with pb & bananas?? really..?! Ain't nobody need a video for dat, complete waste of time!

  11. Bento actually means box, so by saying "bento box" you're saying box box. 

  12. AliciaStyleAndGrace

    Love the idea of making tofu fries! I'm definitely going to try that! Thank you!!

  13. Thank you!!!!

  14. How many carbs and protein do I need? Because I'm against to eat carbs because I think they can make fad. Is that real? sorry I'm from germany my english isn't the best ♡ 

  15. The mini quiches look so good. I'm excited to give that recipe a go!

  16. I'd def like to see more of these 🙂 thanks 

  17. What would you suggest to eat in order to Gain weight in a healthy way?

  18. this is a great video!!!  Please check out some of my videos if you ever have time!

  19. Love your presentation!

  20. 🙂 i have to try tofu fries 

  21. Wow thankyou, i'm actually gonna try this for school lunch.

    Bytheway i usually work out from 7-9pm what should i eat after that? Or should i just go to sleep? Thankyou sarah :)

  22. fingerlickin nutrition

    Huge fan of Almond Butter-Banana Sandwiches.  Love all of your ideas.  Keep 'em coming! :D

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