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Budget lunches! A healthy quesadilla, vegetarian taco salad, & turkey meatballs. Quick & easy lunch recipes, at less that $1 per serving! ☆ SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Thursday! http://bit.l…


  1. sogeyi ksy benti h

  2. I really want to make the avocado quesadilla but I don't have chickpeas is there any replacement?

  3. Going to make the quesadillas and taco salad for my lunches this week! Thank you for this video!

  4. 1$ meals is my favorite series

    I just wish their was less beans in the recipies due to allergies

  5. So could you use hummus if you dont have chick peas and avocado?

  6. Okay I usually watch your videos and never actually make the recipes (I'm a lazy fart and constantly make excuses to not have to go out and buy the ingredients) but I might actually give these recipes a go! Thanks for never disappointing Ms Sheikh!

  7. Thank youuu

  8. "Because that is so annoying" haha I agree!! Thanks for this vid. Going to make the first two durig my next meal prep night!

  9. AnimeIsLoveBTSIsLifeAndJHopeIsHope BiasWrecker

    Wow, why haven't I discovered you earlier! Cheap and healthy, luv it <3

  10. lol avocados are currently $7.50 where i live, so can't do the first one, and a lot of the other vegetables featured (esp. leafy greens) are quite pricey right now too :((

  11. I'm excited to try the chickpea and avocado quesadilla! I have all of the ingredients &my avocado just got ripe! I'm going to try it now! Will take pics!

  12. my new favorite channel

  13. The pumkin meatballs, …..score!!!!

  14. in India $1is equal to 64 rupees approx . and in my place I get a huge lunch with two curries two stir fries (upperi) and a spicy pickle with a whole lot of rice for just 40 rupees . that's so cheap compared to US foods. but here a small serving is so priced.

  15. All three!!


  17. Green Acres country homestead Donna King

    Meatballs can be done with vital wheat gluten

  18. Green Acres country homestead Donna King

    Premade seasoning usly has milk products also vegan cheese would be great in these

  19. oh I have that shirt. 😡

  20. Would it also be possible to see the nutrition value of these lunches?

  21. she is so cool

  22. vegetarian taco salad. im good for life. i always forget that taco seasoning exists.

  23. super Nice video the meatbals and taco's look great.

  24. We don't even have canned pumpkin in Germany – can I make it myself and if so, how? Just mash some pumpkin?

  25. Those turkey meatballs look incredible.

  26. Guess You can call them "Kalesedillas"! 😀 I make these for school all the time now! ^_^

  27. Just pulled the meatballs out of the oven. I'm excited to try it. I have never made meatballs before and mine seem a lot wetter then yours do. Any advice ? I didn't use the bacon so maybe that messed up the ratios. Thanks !

  28. +mind over munch can i use lettuce instead of kale?

  29. Really appreciate paying these videos. Broke my right humerus back in September. Couldn't work so I had to budget my savings. Now working about 15 hours a week. A hairdresser. Still budgeting. These are great recipes when you have 20 to 30 dollars left after paying other bills. Looking forward to seeing more videos like these.

  30. I am really reaaaally enjoying this channel ! the videos are super well explained and edited, you keep them short and mostly everything looks VERY APPETIZING ! THANK YOU ! getting the book to support you !

  31. woah these actually look like they'll fill me up! :O so cheap too. great vid

  32. Love this! Would really love to see more budget recipes – I'm always looking for ideas.

  33. Ibte_sam ابتسام

    Sheikh, but had Bacon. Hooooooooow cooooooome? I love your recipes though.

  34. This would definitely cost me a pretty penny in my country. Nothing is budget friendly.

  35. I don't think it's good to buy eggs this cheap. U should rather rise the awareness that a certain price comes with it: animal abuse and harming the environment :/ just my opinion

  36. $1 meals snacks desserts any and all of those are great. Also would love more than one episode on each category. Really like the vegetarian alternative twists for each dish. Thank You.

  37. love the vegetarian options

  38. I'm glad I found this. Last semester I took a nutrition class and one of my classmates speculated that one of the reasons people don't eat healthy is because it is expensive. "Whole Foods, whole paycheck," she said. And honestly, it's been bothering me ever since. I've been wanting to prove that it is definitely doable and even tasty to eat healthy on a budget, but I felt I didn't have the culinary chops. Thank you so much!

  39. Can't wait to try turkey pumpkin meatballs, bought turkey yesterday and now wondering what to cook lol, and yay dairy and gf

  40. thank you for the treat recipes that is made my time to make lunch for my children so much better and so much healthier so a thousand thank you

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