Healthiest & Tastiest Meal One Could Ever Get To Eat | Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Watch some of the most delicious Indian Recipes from an Indian Village. Indian village cooking is always and amazing thing to watch for. These Vegan Recipes will surely blow your mind. Watch…


  1. Hey man I live in Ahmadabad. Can I visit your farm? If yes, please share exact address at Will love to visit with family. thank you

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    Tu bhai kpre bhi desi phn Jese dhoti kurta pagri kra jutiya

  3. Bol te nahi Ho yar

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  5. u cook healthiest recepies…. i love it..i also wish to see ur beautiful farms

  6. Very nice,u r living a real life

  7. I never know that channa wl be in green. Looks really beautiful color Sabji .

  8. Bhagwan kre aap hi ke Tarah mera bi khet ho

  9. That's the house where he live???

  10. Beautiful

  11. Wow! Looks amazing!

  12. SuperFood, awesome bro stay healthy live long!

  13. Thank you for the great video. (love the dishes you prepare and the sounds of nature).

  14. So nice… Good job keep it up. If I hv chance I would come n visit ur garden amaizing n healthy veg

  15. So u took my advice, very little oil this time.

  16. Hehe love it delicious

  17. Thank you and keep up these good popular videos(57k views in just 1 day),alo I thank you for showing Chana how it is in its plant

    Your ideas unique and having creativity,you are not same some who copy and imitate others.

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  19. Wowwwww yr bhiya to good

  20. kya isse achha aur kuch ho sakta hai, ise kha liya toh sab paa liya, hamari dharti maa kitne kamaal ki cheeje deti hai yeh is video ko dekh kar laga, man kara choom lo jameen ko jaha aisi chije ugti hai…

  21. Can you please count it for me

  22. I seriously NEED to visit your lovely farm asap and eat all the delicious and healthy meals that you cook!!

  23. I always sleep well while watching videos of yours very pleasant nature and natural food and please visit my channel and subscribe formore videos also I feel happy click on the link to subscribe to swathiskitchen

  24. I love green chickpea plao

  25. Bhai tu kiske khet me ghusa hai?

  26. Bol nehi skata

  27. Just add 4-5 drops of mustard oil in that salad & feel how the taste is enhanced…

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    спасибо за видео-рецепт! супер-вкусно !

  29. Really… I too love your cooking & the surrounding…

  30. Brother – You are the BEST Youtuber !!!!

  31. Nice one

  32. ヒヨコ豆はこういうふうに生っているんですね

  33. What I love about this channel and your videos is that they make me crave what your cooking. The amazing part is that I have never even tried Indian food of any kind not do I like spicy food…Which is why I enjoy these vids so much! I think part of it is your reaction to the food when you've tasted it for the first time. You can tell its a genuine reaction which is something that I love to see.

    As always, I am looking forward to the next vid! Keep up the amazing work.

    – Mary from America

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