Guru Mann (Size 8) – Meals Program || All Vegetarian Meals In Muscle Building By Guru Mann

Guru Mann (Size 8) – Meals Program || All Vegetarian Meals In Muscle Building By Guru Mann Here we are with one of the best Guru Mann’s program for Muscle …


  1. I have to loose 30 kg and my gym trainer has strictly advised me not to eat rajma, white chole and banana but guru mann haa used all if them. Please advice..

  2. Veg fat loss diet according to Indian meals is required

  3. Gyaneshwar Sharma

    Respect ❤

  4. Rahul Raghuvanshi

    Sir, can you pls make share veg nutrition plan for fat loss!!

  5. Please sir tell me how could I get rid of this belly fat.i am doing regular workout and following diet properly.but fat is accumulating on pls tell me what should I do

  6. Hello sir I am following this diet but I am getting fat on my abdomen

  7. Sir please raisin ke baare mein kuch bole

  8. Not Desi or Indian but I eat like I am.

  9. Miss Priyanka Thakran

    If you combine milk with curd it's very harmful
    Please avoid to take both together

  10. Can we use this veg diet for fat loss?I m completely veg


    Sir ek baar har chij ko hindi mai bata diya karo


    Ye video sahi h asee hi video hi banaya karo all dite ek sath

  13. Conventional north Indian food is good meal


    Hi guru sir I am pure vegetarian but I love gym more. But I have doubt that I can do musle building exercise or muscle building gym.Is it good or bad for my health

  15. the lucky rajput

    Mere channel pe 100k views complete

  16. laksitha wijesinghe

    Can u give this recipes in english .. i can t understnd hindi.. plzz .. or can u inbox the recipes

  17. Mayank Balodhi

    Meal ka pdf hoga kya?

  18. Bhai ….
    pure vegetarian fat loss and muscle building diet banaye necessary for most of the people's

  19. Guru bhai pdf file kha hai…?

  20. guru bhai bahot hifi hai.. tell something for middle class people

  21. Bimbisar J. Maurya

    A go gym at 6 am so whats for me? Nly black coffee and after workout all the meals?

  22. Does boiler chicken decreased our lifespan & cause cancer

  23. Sir plz make a video on diet plan vegetarian fat loss program

  24. You're legend. We love you forever. India

  25. nikita agrawal

    Hello sir, I am in weight loss program and here carbs are too high so this will help me to reach my goal…pls tell me.I heard much carbs will not get my results…waiting for your kind reply…@gurumann

  26. There is no pdf in the link
    Can you please add that?

  27. Brijesh Agarwal

    Guru mann please make a diet plan on vegan which is without dairy or animal products. Thank you in advance. Vegan is the latest trend and movement noe and every one is turning vegan

  28. Bhai aapne pdf ni di h

  29. Plz sir tell me plz

  30. Sorry its 5'8''

  31. Sir plz tell this diet is suitable for all type's of height(6'8'')& weight(60Kg).plz sir tell me plz sir plz plz plz plzzzz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz sir plz

  32. Thode de badam

  33. Absolutely amazing

  34. How to follow it if we do workout in the morning?

  35. Sir please let us know about vegan diet

  36. Where is pdf???

  37. U are good sir

  38. Himansh Shukla

    Sir please give a full plan for morning workout with all meals

  39. The Rahul Saini

    sir you're good…superb…

  40. Sir vegan dite k baare m btaiye please


    I will see your video on daily

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