Guilty After Tacos (Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Puerto Vallarta) // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

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  1. What is your favorite shoe brand? Or what kind are you wearing now?

  2. Now that they are going to live in CDMX when the wuera asks for a quesadilla, they will ask her what she wants. I talk to them so they do not take them by surprise, for some reason they call it quesadilla even if it does not have cheese. Greetings and good luck

  3. Luis Las Primadonnas

    Amaranto cookie, super healthy

  4. Michel Estefanía Alcaraz Jáuregui

    The best vegan restaurant is Veggie Table

  5. Luis Las Primadonnas

    Ey! I'm waiting for you here! We have a lot of things to do!

  6. 30 pesos for plain drip coffee? wow that's pretty steep prices, right? or is everything about that price in Puerto Vallarta?

  7. Seems like a sesame seed cookie. Hi guys !!

  8. I don't have a favorite brand. If I like something, I buy it, brand is irrelevant ✌️

  9. My favorite shoe brand would have to be Nike and Crocs

  10. Hi guys

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