Grilled Vegetable Orzo Pasta Salad- Vegetarian Recipe |Cooking With Carolyn|

I wanted to give you a light vegetarian pasta dish that’s great for any time of the year and especially for Summer. This pasta salad would be great for a cookout …


  1. There's so many orzo recipes out there BUT best believe I ALWAYS go to yours.

  2. I'm going to try this out. Thank you for your post.

  3. Hi Cooking with Carolyn , you can grow your own, pepper plants, with those bell pepper seeds

  4. I saw one of your recipes on YouTube and had to subscribe you are making me so hungry thank you for your hard work.

  5. I loved this recipe, can't wait to make it! Thank you! Btw, love your personality as well, you mind me of Queen Latifah 🙂

  6. that's it… I'm doing orzo and vegetables tonight :p

  7. gonna try this one. thanks for sharing

  8. I love how simple this is. Love your videos!

  9. Hi Carolyn, Could I use lime instead of lemon?

  10. Thank you and in the name of Jesus Christ God bless you.

  11. That looks really good.

  12. Carolyn I've been watching your channel for some time and I do enjoy your recipes. I've never had orzo and I can't wait to try this.

  13. Looks Good!!!  Is this dish supposed to be eaten hot or cold?

  14. This caught my eye. I'm a new sub thanks to Kevin from the skorpionshow. I love they way you cook and you make it look so easy and it looks healthy so I will be trying some of these recipes.

  15. That looks soooooo darn good! I'm gonna make it this week!!! Thanks!

  16. Very nice. Will try it soon

  17. Thank you so much! Cooking and been careful when doing it for ppl who's vegetarian is kind a challenging. I have some began friends eating today at my house. I found the began orzo, but no knowing what to prepare from it, was scary. I haven't star cooking and I can smell those wonderful flavors of the grilling vegetables. Thanx again.

  18. CookingWithCarolyn

    Thank you so much 🙂

  19. Love, love, love your channel and I will definitely be trying this it looks amazing.

  20. Love that knife, what brand is that

  21. CookingWithCarolyn

    Yay! 😀 I hope you enjoy it!

  22. I've been tying to find ideas on YouTube how to make such salad. Fortunately found yours! Looks very good and can't wait to try it and serve to my roomies! Thanks for the idea and recipe

  23. CookingWithCarolyn

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you decided to give GDS a try. I wanted to have something that is a one-stop-shop seasoning that can help people build flavor.

  24. Carolyn, just bought my first bottles of grand diamond seasoning. All I can say is:
    WOW!! What an impact it has had on a variety of my dishes. I initially bought them so that I could follow your recipes to a "tee." Love your vids BTW.

  25. CookingWithCarolyn

    Yeah I try to a little bit of everything lol

  26. I love healthy eating.

  27. Yes review please because I'm thinking about purchasing one

  28. CookingWithCarolyn

    I'm not either but it's also great with shrimp once in a while 🙂

  29. CookingWithCarolyn

    Yes feta cheese would be great.

  30. CookingWithCarolyn

    What's up Aarrone!

  31. CookingWithCarolyn

    Thanks 🙂 You'll do fine.

  32. CookingWithCarolyn

    No, the flavors will all come together well.

  33. Looks like a Sudoku. I have one and it my major knife in the kitchen. Very sharp, maintains an edge well, easy to sharpen, and the divets help for very easy slicing by creating air pockets between the blade and food so the food is not resisting the cut.

  34. Does the oil not prevent the flavors from soaking into the orzo?

  35. Oh, this is great.. YES! Will be making it.

  36. What kind of knife you used?

  37. Oh wow! I really have no excuse for making more healthy dishes now. You made that look really easy.

  38. heyyyyy girl

  39. Heyyyyyyy doll this looks delish thanks fo sharin stay sweet ;))

  40. Looks really good… I think feta cheese would also be wonderful in this dish!!!

  41. Yes Id love to see a review on the grill and I love this recipe, I usually eat vegetarian meals majority of the week if I'm not eating a little bit of seafood

  42. Thanks I haven't tried orzo yet, but I will now:]

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