Gordon Ramsay Tries Vegan Food | LIVEKINDLY

Gordon Ramsay has done it, he’s participating in #Veganuary. He made the announcement by sharing an image of a beet wellington to instagram fans.


  1. Joshua Boylan-smith

    Meat causes cancer. So glad I went vegan. Best thing ever

  2. its pronounced herbivriss

  3. I'm not a vegan but I won't cry like a baby just like the meat eaters when given a vegan dish.

  4. Proper vegan food not Linda McCartney or quorn shit. It’s technically not vegan food it’s just food with no meat in it

  5. He's gonna cook it, sure. Maybe not eat it tho

  6. Oh, I'm really feeling happy about it, good move

  7. Cameron Alderson

    God, help us through this media propaganda. When has something healthy or life extending ever made it's way to mainstream television? Never, because these programs are designed to brainwash people into following diet fads paid for by billionaires like fake meat producing Bill Gates and plant based news owner Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal.

    Step One: Standard American Diet destroys everyones health so they can no longer digest nutritionally dense foods.

    Step Two: Billionaires and Saudis Arabian princes funnel money into fake meat and anti nutrient dense, inflammatory vegetation from Monsanto while America turns the blame for their shitty eating habits on the industrial meat industry–because ethics.

    Step 3: Nutritionally unaware America goes vegan and keeps dollar voting glyphosate ridden, synthetic, man made foods and phytic acid loaded vegetables labeled "Organic" sold by the same people that ruined their bodies to begin with- Screaming "Its for the animals".

    Step 5- Doctors plead with starving vegans suffering of malnutrition following the tenants of Dr. Gregger while he takes the money of billionaire Saudis for brainwashing the American public. Vegans all over the internet start eating animal foods again and recovering from self afflicted starvation, gastrointestinal disease, severe skin issues, the inability to heal wounds, losing the hair from their heads, and healing teeth that were breaking out of their mouths.

  8. Ramsay once fed meat (as a "hidden ingredient") to a vegetarian at one of his restaurants. It was a prank and he enjoyed it. Both he and Anthony Bourdain both felt contempt for vegetarians back in the day, but both changed their attitudes. I know Bourdain mellowed a lot – I always liked him and I'm a vegetarian. Ramsay took a while longer to come around.

  9. Nooo Ramsay don't promote veganism it's equivalent to promoting malnourishment! Instead, promote grass fed free range animal product, that's what everyone needs!

  10. Fuck vegans

  11. I love how hardcore meat chiefs are coming around. See vegans maybe be hardcore crazies isn’t the way… maybe if we are more empathetic and patient we can bring more people along for the ride.

  12. ££££

  13. If veganism was unhealthy all the girls would run from it. Most women are obsessed with fair skin and a plantbased diet helps a lot. Most of them couldnt give a fuck about the animals, they would eat bison balls if it would give them beautiful skin.

  14. Vegan is a HORRIBLE diet to do if your younger then 17, because your body NEEDS MEAT to grow, that’s why normally vegans aren’t as strong or tall

  15. Good to see them trying a few options on their menu instead of insisting that we book in advance to make something u[p special. Just want to have a choice like everyone else , brilliant ! ;D

  16. Well with the vegetarian/vegan trend growing, it was only a matter of time before they realize there is money in it.

  17. Vegens are normal people until they start asking other people to go vegan!

  18. Very cool, even though it's obviously because it's very profitable and veganism is getting more popular & people becoming more curious and flexible with their diet. So business-wise it would be dumb not to want to at least try it out at some point to attract an additional target audience/ get some media attention.

  19. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Your paper dosas can’t beat my homemade dosas.

  20. Christian Kepler

    Limey has an attitude that is horrendous…hes just a bad actor.


  22. pauliethemushroomman

    Everyone hates vegans. Until they get diet related disease. Even then some continue to suffer until the end.

  23. He sees a market where the money is
    but who cares as long as people get talking about a Whole Food Plant Based Diet and Veganism that is a good ting


  25. I’m really proud of him.

  26. Where the wallet walks the businesses will follow. I grew up vegetarian and it is refreshing to see more and more people embracing plant based dishes. When I was a child there were fewer options and now there is an explosion of options.

  27. good boi; it's those who fight the vegan movement so hard that deep down know the world is changing and know their argument has flaws; we only want the world to be more kind in the future

  28. ah making me cry!! loved gordon and jamie before i went vegan and love them even more now!!!

  29. I just started taking a class online with Cornell University that she Dr. Campbell's and the whole point is how nutrition a vegan plant-based nutrition is the best medicine to prevent cancer and heart disease. We looked at the top 10 causes for death in America and also around the world how studies addressing let's say heart disease do or do not include nutrition and mostly none of them included nutrition so the medical community hasn't caught up with the most obvious factor in health is what we eat impacts our lives. In the US you're eating animals that of been treated very cruely and you're not getting the nutrition you think you are including dairy and dairy cows and their babies are treated just in ways that are unacceptable.

  30. I am so happy to see famous chefs making vegan food. I've been a vegan for over 10 years and my cooking has improved a lot. I used to rely a lot on cheese and processed food but now I rely on fresh veggies and herbs.

  31. One of Gordon Ramsay's daughters is VEGETARIAN and his has said his wife has asked him to go vegetarian — he also uses so much "oil" and fat which is so unhealthy — even olive oil high in fat will end up around your middle…. I think he will be forced to make radical changes in his diet and hopefully encourage millions of fans to do so…eventually

  32. Vegans are cancer

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