Godfrey Hates Vegetarians, Loves Indian Food

Godfrey hates vegetarians and he’s not afraid to say it. He shares his true feeling about being a proud meat eater and having to deal with criticism from his …


  1. عبدالرحيم الجنيبي

    Why the f*beep*k did u upload the video with beeeps

  2. Priyanshu Choudhary

    Vegetarians don't eat plants , you mf. They eat herbs at the time they are about to get dry.

  3. Eggs that are like that fr tho .. if they arent happy chickens that get to eat bugs the eggs taste nasty and sick. But the happy chicken eggs taste like fried chicken

  4. The stand up interfiered with the beep sounds i wanted to hear

  5. I only understood the "你好你好阿" part of the Chinese part. >->

  6. To many bleeps. Come on Kev, this man is funny. Comedy is about expression. Let the bleeps go!

  7. More censored than Asian porn

  8. I like how he said his dad was very dramatic lol more like mellow-dramatic tho


  10. Beep Beep Beep
    I feel like I'm in ICU

  11. Still waiting for one original joke about vegetarianism. Seriously, if you're a professional comic, you gotta come up something besides what an average joe on the street would say.

  12. OK. I just watched 4 comedians back to back on the LOL Network and not one of them were funny. WTF is going on over here?

  13. This was hilarious!!

  14. Just one of the billions of "proud" overpopulated mutated human monkeys that do nothing but destroy life and have no right to exist on this Earth. Hopefully the nasty humans go extinct as soon as possible

  15. The Fake Marekan

    I hate the beep sound it's ruins the show

  16. BULLSHIT beep beep

  17. 0:41 that lady had a blast that night

  18. Indian accent was great. ROFL with this comedy.


  20. otis jackson jr.

    The censorship ruined his jokes

  21. Dr. Shreyash Lal

    I can't decode the Morse Code.

  22. boring

  23. Cant hear a word whats woth beep beep

  24. Viktor Bozhinov


  25. 0:33 – "…what is that? just detoxification…" bullseye

  26. Sandeep Rangsha

    "Indian music and diarrhea are exactly the same." STFU dude. Have you ever listened to Indian music ? Spotted a real ignoramus !

  27. Yo he’s really good, like his accents are on point and his facial expressions. But they should lower the sound of the beeps like that was real obnoxious for the amount of cursing in his act.

  28. "We eat meat, that's why we have teeth," Oh I didn't know you could swallow everything else whole without chewing. lol

  29. Annoying too many beeps

  30. Astarte Astaroth

    he looks good , but sadly he is stupid, because laugh at victims. animal abuse is not funny. he pay someone on his behalf to kill for him… how is that even funny ? he can laugh at vegans as much as he want, because he looks stupid anyways… it's really sad , that such a good looking man so stupid. i want him to watch earthling ed – 30 days 30 excuses, there is explanation for everything, if he is lazy to use his brain and thing logic he can listen to Earthling Ed. Earthling Ed have explained there everything like for kids, so stupid arogant people can understand easily

  31. Chrome should come with an uncensor plugin, that lets us decode this morse-effing code

  32. This verbal diarrhea happens when idiots try to do comedy!

  33. The bleep network

  34. Eduardo Quintiliana

    Very good!!!

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