Gluten Free Vegetarian Pelau Recipe.

Learn how to make vegetarian pelau that’s also gluten free, with the help of Caribbean cookbook author Chris De La Rosa. A superb one pot dish, pelau can be …


  1. couldn't tofu or tempeh be used in place of meat?

  2. Vennessa Charles

    I try it and it taste very good. I used black eye peas instead. Thanks very much

  3. You can sub organic soy sauce for the Worcestershire sauce because it has fermented fish in that sauce. I'm vegan and I usually add some mushrooms in my pelau.

  4. there are anchovies in Lea and perrins. this sadly isn't vegetarian. nice try

  5. Tiffany Melville

    This was a pretty awesome recipe. My pelau never come out this good. Thanks!

  6. I gotta try this. And this recipe actually vegan.

  7. I would add pumpkin

  8. It's gluten free and vegetarian , Jael from trinidad

  9. Genuinely fantastic dish.

  10. RollingAroundWithKitties

    omg i so want to try this.

  11. Yahdydah Tahalym

    I will be trying this! No wooden spoon! LOL!!!! You cheer me up so!

  12. Keep it up.. im on ah roll here videos after videos. Can you do one with bbq fish or baked fish?


  14. Oh man. I just happened upon this video, and I've never heard of pelau ohhhh myyyy I must make this. But I also like the idea of having a grandmother's home-cooked pelau. Also, I never thought I would like the look of pearls until I saw those bracelets. GORGEOUS! Thank you for your video, I look forward to exploring the rest of your channel!! 🙂 Salut from Florida~


  16. Crystal Holder

    Where to find "pimento pepper" in Philadelphia, PA? been looking for them for sometime now don't want to travel all the way to Brooklyn, NYC for them.

  17. Love your videos. Can you make more vegetarian dishes or vegan dishes

  18. I do not understand this gluten free diet. People have been eating starch for centuries, soon our diet will be synthetic food. A plastic salad anyone or fry cardboard?

  19. Awesome…love the uniqueness of this…especially since we have eaten indian pulao all our lives

  20. Sydney Silver Show

    nothing better!

  21. gluten free and vegetarian

  22. sati gangapersad

    Congrats for the award—great recipes—true trini style

  23. Chris, You rock!!!! I am a straight vegan and this recipe was greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so very much. I made it for dinner for my toddler and myself and it's fantastic! Thank you for thinking of us non-meat eaters. You are AWESOME!!!!!

  24. Juliet Phillips

    Vegetarian and Gluten FREE ( must try it looks amazing)

  25. Good caramelisation of the vegetables for colour and the most important thing about pelau is the COCONUT MILK!!!!

  26. Robert Wasserman

    Hi Chris and everyone. Love your channel and your recipes but i do want to mention that if anyone is a true vegetarian you should avoid Lea and Perrins as all the prepared Worcestershire sauces do contain anchovies. There are some vegan ones like Annie's, but if you can't find that you can mix up something yourself like i do… it's mostly tamarind and vinegar 😉

  27. it is
    (1) gluten free
    (2) vegetaria

  28. 2 things unique = vegetarian and gluten free!

  29. Michelle Robertson

    Wicked Chef!

    1. Vegetarian
    2. Gluten Free

  30. Gluten free and vegetarian I am Nancy Peters

  31. Donna Jennings-Wallace

    Vegetarian and gluten-free.  Keep the recipes coming!!!

  32. NaruHinaluv4ever

    vegetarian and gluten free. 

  33. Bird's eye pepper and pirmento pepper

  34. Taona Bosslady

    Your cooking is wicked!!!

  35. You used birds eye pepper and you did not cut it

  36. I did not climb up to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian!  This will be a great side dish to my roasted chicken!  😉

  37. the two thing you need is Gluten free and Vegetarian 

  38. You're awesome, Chris!  Always look forward to your emails with another tasty recipe

  39. Commenter 4092

    This particular pelau is unique b/c it is gluten free and vegetarian. This is my favorite Caribbean cooking show!!!

  40. Gluten Free  AND Vegetarian………. Cheers! 

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