I went on tour with @lindamccartneyfoods and gave out free vegan food to the general public! Check out their reactions in my video. Subscribe …


  1. Barnaby Kilby-Pollard

    Great video – send like u might have helped to change a lot of people's minds!
    However, am I the only person that noticed the guy that walked across the screen mid cut at 12:19??

  2. It's great to see so many people willing to try something new.

  3. The Mindful Runner

    Hi Gaz, learnt about your channel from watching the runner Dan Whitehead who recommended it. I really enjoy watching your videos. Love the recipes. Great that you were able to offer free vegan food to encourage others to try it. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Peter Maguire (The Mindful Runner).

  4. Thank you to all involved for your peace & generosity. What incredible, effective outreach.

  5. Omg I wish I was there!!!

  6. Nature Is Medicine

    awesome but please call it a link or something. "vegan hotdog" just sounds so twisted.

  7. I believe there are vegans and there are people ignorant of the truth.Amazing work promoting the lifestyle

  8. I've just recently became a vegetarian in the last couple of weeks since seeing a lot of videos on Twitter about how the animals are treated and they're literally houses of horror -+ the animals are tortured and chased around with machetes and hacked to pieces! Young piglets are jet washed with industrial strength washers (the screams are sickening from them!) the barbarity, the depravity, the cruelty is enough to make anyone not eat meat and no way will i fund that barbarity every again!!!!

  9. Such an inspiration. I still have to do some work to even become vegetarian but it's a step

  10. Yeet ^ o ^

  11. Thank you for everything that you do !!!

  12. GAZ great idea! I wonder how many people you inspired to go VEGAN or at least try to 🙂 !

  13. Amazing. Thank you❤️

  14. fantastic! Wish we had more of the Linda McCartney products in the US

  15. Can't believe you're giving out free vegan food! If it works it'll be well worth it!

  16. Love and appreciate you so much

  17. The food looks so good 🙂 Great job; hope it catches on else where :):):):)

  18. Nice!! 😀

  19. Nick Lyons-Killey

    When are you in Liverpool?

  20. Can I just say I LOVE this

  21. Dorothy McMurtray

    Love your videos and recipes. Please do more that are gluten free for us allergy-vegans.

  22. angeliqueinhollywood

    It's lovely to see so many university students being open to vegan food. Where I am now, people wouldn't even consider it.

  23. Love your work. Just bought both your books. Happy days!

  24. amazing but where was linda?

  25. How come nobody is asking what is in the burgers? What are they made out of?!

  26. thanks for everything you're doing for the vegan movement, gaz!!!

  27. Lawrence lawrence

    Delicious as it is, I am sure that if the white bread was changed to a peasant bread bun it would even be more delicious.

  28. This was so fun! Good luck on your cookbook tour, young blood! TFP : )

  29. Well done, Gaz! Wish you were coming to Colorado.

  30. How much do I love his channel and work he puts in? Well, I ve liked the video in the first 2 seconds of the ad that was playing prior to the video:))

  31. Peacefully Epiphany

    this is so awesome! definitely a great way to open people's heart to vegan food 🙂

  32. This is amazing ❤️

  33. Monserrat Sánchez Romero

    Just amazing! and so inspiring, thanks for sharing this beautiful idea, we all should be doing that aswell

  34. I pray this happens in Nashville, Tn

  35. Great idea giving away free food. Even if people don't buy the products, they still hopefully have a different perception of plant foods now and can share this with others. I'm sure it also planted some seeds 🙂

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