GIANT OREO CAKE RECIPE Prepared By My GRANNY | Oreo Biscuit cake | asmr video | veg village food

GIANT OREO CAKE RECIPE Prepared By My GRANNY | Oreo Biscuit cake | asmr video | veg village food Village Food asmr video,asmr eating, relaxing video.


  1. Song? 🙁

  2. You made those kids so happy

  3. You are doing well work God bless you

  4. عبد حيدر الحر

    نكتة الزمن الفقراء هم من يعرفوه معاناة غيرهم و منعايش الفقر وذاق طعمه هم من يعطفوه على غيرهم

  5. So proud❤

  6. Dinesh Kr. Dinkar

    Great work

  7. Along with doing the good job….try to encourage them to learn the art of gratitude…some people just lack the feeling of gratitude or to be thankful for little good stuffs….as other prople go out of their way to do the good stuff….Just teach them to be thankful to that Supreme Power and work hard in life…."life is easy, we make it complicated"

  8. Where is this?

  9. So sweeeeet

  10. لو سمحت ممكن حضرتك تحطيلنا ترجمه لشرح الاكلات يالى بتعمليها

  11. 7:18
    just kinda made me sad :/

  12. Bollywood Hindi Movies

    Your granny is very hardworking women I salute your granny


  14. Well when you're helping poor people.. Leave your camera at your home!!!!

  15. I want to help with money, to feed the people and the animals too

  16. If you don't believe in consuming meat, I'd highly suggest you to switch to plant milk and fat to. Because really, the dairy industry is just a complimentary to the meat industry… Where do you think the spent cows, and unproductive calfs goes to? Dairy is also a considered alergen, high in hormones, and cholesterol… Hoping you'd make the change. Other than that, really appreciate the purpose of the video.

  17. Granny is doing osm job…… But it's Not ASMR from any angle… Sure granny didn't upload this video..It's not granny's fault.. But whoever made the title.. Are you freaking nuts?.. Just don't write anything if you don't know the meaning

  18. Carol Driehorst

    Kids look like they really enjoy the cake, Blessings to you all.

  19. Salute!

  20. جزاك الله خيرا تعالي بقناتي

  21. God bless you ilike your chenal

  22. Waheguru ji

  23. maine youtube pe bhut video dekha h or dail dekhti bhi hu m kbhi kisi pe koi comment nhi krti hu pr m kl se apka channel follow kr hu such btau to mere pas koi shabd nhi h ki m kya bolu such me ye kam krna na easy nhi h mujhe apke video se bhut jyada inspire hui hu,

  24. Magdalena Roque

    Que hermoso todo lo que ase y porque lo ase los felicito


    Nice work….without publicity……

  26. tum bht ache ho

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