Fully Loaded English Vegetarian Breakfast with a Spicy Indian Twist at Kenton Lane Cafe (KLC) London

There are days when I just want a good old fashioned fry up, so having seen loads of their deliciously yummy looking photos on Instagram, I couldn’t wait any …


  1. It's awesome heavy breakfast and yummy . Thanks Bravo god bless you

  2. Brings back memories when I used to eat there when I lived in the area. Shame I couldn’t actually see Guv, he was/is the head chef. Club boulevard also do nice food. On the same parade. Kenton/Kingsbury/Queensbury is a great area

  3. That looks so good but I could not manage 1/4 of it in one meal. A great value, I would love the mushrooms & toast.

  4. Very nice video

  5. why do you need vegan sausages? obsession of old habits and preferences? cultural slavery? because if it is vegan then it cannot be sausages so why call it so? call it muthiya dhokla if it is dhokla else just call it long patty … did indians not import word patties (plural) as an imported word pettis as in ragda pettis … so just call it long pettis … as an indian word it would be singular

  6. GilB ProJeKT MDGR

    epic I live in Kenton and never knew this was here

  7. So hungry after watching this

  8. Oh my god! That's near my former high school!

  9. Nice one my mate..

  10. Keep up i love ur videos

  11. I went here with my wife on Saturday, was absolutely delicious! I had the veggie breakfast and she had the Bombay sandwich, 10/10

  12. Great video mate. Hungry like anything now. Best wishes from Toronto, Canada.

  13. randomish comment as you mostly film in London I guess but you need to get up north to Bolton and check out a place called Rice n Three. They do some amazing veggie curries!

  14. When did you go here? Right next to my house!

  15. thfurrylittlebastard

    Food looks delicious but is too carbs dense. Almost everything is fryed or laced with butter. Nevertheless would still like to try.

  16. Food looks amazing and nice choices for vegetarians. My old boss would love this except he would get the eggs probably.

  17. John Nigel Prescott

    that looks verry nice and i love your videos

  18. concerned citizen

    That looks absolutely delicious

  19. At least show few other dishes ? Bombay sandwich etc

  20. Wow… What a nice cafe!
    When married to a Brit yrs ago..Id moved to the UK…since back home in Florida… Lived outside Romford-Rainham

    If I were still there Id be visiting. The food looks delish!

  21. I'm not veggie and love Full English, but I'd order this for a change.

  22. Bhai You need to go chai Nashta 10/10 forest gate upton lane

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