Full Week Vegan MEAL PREP For Weight Loss | Healthy Plant Based Food Prep

Follow along with our Full Week Vegan Meal Prep video and make yourself a healthy plant based food plan for the week. This meal prep can be for weight loss …


  1. Do you think it would work to freeze the last 1-2 days worth of lunch and dinners so they would keep their flavor?

  2. Wow, exceptional video (for me). Fixing the meals once a week sure makes things easier. More, please. Congrats.

  3. Great video. I just subscribed. I am on a weight loss journey and sometimes I get sick of the food I'm eating so it's great to watch videos like this one that gives more ideas. Thanks again. Louise

  4. How many ounces is the Kale? What size bag do you buy?

  5. You don't have any problem with food spoiling?

  6. I like your content, I'm going to refer some of my vegan athlete's to your channel

  7. An amazing video! I also subscribe to your channel today.

  8. Healthy रसोई

    Truly Amazing……Thanks for sharing…Kindly visit my channel as well

  9. do you have to keep it all in the fridge??

  10. nice video! and may I just say… finally a meal prep video that includes dinners too! :))

  11. Marriott Performance

    Great meal prep. Fuck the sprouts. Just no. Just don't eat them. Ever.


  12. Great video! I love all the veggie ideas as that tends to get tiring especially when your trying to forgo oil. What kinda tofu is that? It looks already seasoned?

  13. Very nice video. I love the presentation. One question: Would you happen to know the net carbs on those meals? Not a big deal, I am just curious. Thumbs-up as usual.

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