Full Vegetarian Meal On Banana Leaf Recipe In Sri Lankan Style

Full vegetarian meal on a banana leaf in Sri Lankan style. Mostly, Hindus who live India and Sri Lanka make this meal. These all vegetables with brown rice on a banana leaf is one of the superb…


  1. kerala food

  2. දිල්මින්

    Looks yummy

  3. This is called Thali.South Indian speciality 🙂

  4. Lakmini Nisansala

    Tapioca when u cook keep open and after remove the water , the way u Cook it dangerous

  5. This is not Sri Lankan food.
    This is south indian kerala food cooked by tamils in Sri Lanka

  6. Piriyatharsini piriya

    Nanum jaffna than

  7. Piriyatharsini piriya

    Sappidanum pola erukku

  8. Super. Mouthwatering meal.Thanks

  9. Just amazing. The prep time alone would be significant.

  10. Tharshini Sathiyaseelan

    Nice recipe

  11. Nice recipe…

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