Full Vegetarian Food Preparation | Veg Lunch Preparation at Thottipalam | Cooking For 25 Members

Mathur thotti palam famous tourist part in southern part of tamilnadu we went for see the bridge and simply for cook under the bridge.we prepared white rice …


  1. Super Amma

  2. eppo poneenga mam

  3. Jebaseeli Thamburaj

    Your preparation of food as well as the place is nice and beautiful.Thank you for showing the scenaries.God bless you all

  4. Very interesting ma

  5. '$616 – $9.9K
    $7.4K – $118.4K


  6. Santhy Chanemougame

    Super amma . You are very lucky to have joint family . I enjoy with you when i see your video . Thanks i like how you cook
    Good luck

  7. So nice! But where is the rest for women?

  8. Superooooooooooooooooooor

  9. happy anniversay dear mam

  10. அம்மா கலக்குறிங்க அருமையான இடம்

  11. I am sure you cleaned the place after you finished the meal…those who go out and enjoy nature also need to take care of it..

  12. Ah haa…my home town when came missed to see you nice work madam n crew members…

  13. Awesome very talented

  14. Very nice

  15. Really frustrating!!!! how many times you do this recipe(sambar
    Potato priya etc..)again and again, if you all going for outdoor or picnic please enjoy and come without that don't show
    your recipes from there also bcos no useful for
    viewers ….atlast you're Making MONEY and cheating
    cookery program means there should be
    proper measurement and steps
    please stop these types of videos.

  16. supera irukrathu samayal very nice

  17. amma osm perfect mother to cook perfect food for family.ur a iron lady

  18. Solla varthiea illa super engallam ipadi kutti poi katunga seireasly

  19. Mathieu enlisted utility ma

  20. Great job location seems beautiful Full greenish site Cooking for 25 members is real challenging work No doubt you are highly energetic and

  21. Nalla enjoy pannunga amma . Unga family la yaru enga ponalum kavalai pada mattanga , yenna nenga than enga ponalum samachu asathuringaley

  22. Super amma family tour nalla iruku pakka nenga kuduthu vechavanga

  23. Hiii Amma enga ooru kuda thottipalam than Welcome ☺☺☺

  24. pramaatham

  25. Mohanasundaram Gopalan

    அம்மா… நீங்க பட்டய கிளப்புங்க…

  26. Sasikala Karunanidhi

    enjoyed ur trip WD food

  27. Punitha Muthupandi

    Super amma

  28. okk ma reply pannathuku thank u

  29. super video mam very nice i enjoyed with you mam

  30. very nice ma

  31. Amma neenga super

  32. Super mam…..show ur house tour


    super ma

  34. hi aunty… epo vantheenga?? enga oorku… am from kuleshekaram near mathoor…

  35. iam in Chennai bt don't knw abt tis place ma.very nice

  36. Entha enga errukku….pls tell me …..nan Entha video parthu romba enjoy panneinean …..Arumei

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