Full Eat Clean VEGAN Meal Plan (Lose Weight)

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  1. Love your videos. I will continue to watch them. My 2017 goal…lose 100 pounds. Downloaded as you suggested…just what I need…thank you!

  2. Shanika Weerasundara

    Wow! You are amazing and joyful. Lovely food!!

  3. i am becoming a pescatarian. I start effective today 1/12/17. I want to be healthier and have more energy so I believe this lifestyle change will get me where I wanna be

  4. Ugh, please don't start with the whole veganism issue.

  5. thank you Joanna. it all looks delicious

  6. my dear I love your channel
    cheers from Morocco. your follower Loubna

  7. interesting

  8. I'm on an exchange Programm &before I came here (the USA) I was anorexic but then I got out of it and gained weight again. You inspired me to lose my weight healthy this time but I don't know how because my hostfamily eats really fatty foods (they're the reason I gained weight again) I just feel disgusted by myself. &I'm scared that people will laugh at me when I go back because I gained so much weight…

  9. Love the recipes! Sub from me:) more recipes like this plant based please!:)
    And thank you fir writing them down!:)

  10. thanks for making vegan meal plans Joanna! Also, you should try golden raisins in your rice dish-they are so good!

  11. It looks amazingly and deliciously healthy. That's a great tool that app. I noticed as you were flipping the diets there was a nordic diet called 'Scandinavian Slim down' with a picture of a Salmon. I'd like to add that it is important to get enough of Magnesium. There's a lot of confusion, or rather, lack of knowledge, concerning vitamin and mineral supplements. Could you do a video on that perhaps?
    Athletes drink beetroot juice because it contains nitrate that boost endurance. If I may share a link describing the benefits: https://breakingmuscle.com/fuel/endurance-athletes-beetroot-can-improve-your-performance

  12. This is so inspiring. I love your videos!

  13. Paid app ? Umm no thanks

  14. Happy new year Joana <3

  15. hi Joanna! can you do a video or explain about intermittent fasting pertically for vegans?

  16. Happy New Year Joanna 🙂 Thanks for your free service i have reduced weight because of your videos. Still little more to reduce. Thank you soooooo much. :)

  17. Marcello Menjivar

    I think I'm in love

  18. Done the wild rice dish – fantastic !!

  19. Joanna .. love all your videos. But can you do meal preap for 1200cal :/ please …or any meal preap that easy for student*hosteler* to do :/ thank you.. :D

  20. Joanna, you have a beautiful soul. Just love your kindness, honesty and creativity. 

  21. Thaaaank you for some vegan recipes!! That fried rice looks so good!!

  22. Is there anything I could replace the raisins with? I hate them, ha

  23. Love this channel

  24. I hope to be vega soon:-)

  25. Yes! I also want to eat more vegan

  26. You are very sexy and pretty! :P

  27. thanx for reply.can i use protein powder for weight loss.plz tell me diet plan for my pakistani body.I want to loose 8 kg in month bcoz next month marriage of my sister plzzzz reply soon love u bye

  28. The ratatouille seems just so yummy! Merci!

  29. happy new year to you joanna .:D My breakfast is never planned. I always try to balance that out. I am gonna try the breakfast recipe. i am trying to curb my mindless munching too. But I try to munch on healthy food only as much as I can. Like peanuts. But I am bad at limiting myself. :/ I eat three fist full of peanuts sometimes :/

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