Full Day of Eating Veg Food In Malaysia | Veggiepaaji | Ep 01

In the 1st episode of Malaysia Food Series, we will see what a day of eating Veg food in Malaysia looks like. If you like ‘Full Day of Eating Veg Food In Malaysia …


  1. Malaysia Food Series Start hogae hai. Excited?
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  2. Very difficult

  3. Very good attempt. Keep it up bro.

  4. Great work bro


    Ahemdabad vajji pajji

  6. Bhai Malaysia India Mei ha ya India se bahar

  7. world me khi v chale jao agar veg food nhi mil rha h to aas paas iskcon temple search krna wha aapko veg food ki variety mil jayegi Govinda restaurant me.

  8. Amazing food..great views..

  9. Hope you checked..the pasta itself may contain egg.

  10. I think there is egg in the pasta as well, when they mix the flour to make pasta, egg is added in all pasta's.

  11. Video starts from 3:21
    Thank me later

  12. Go to sangeethas pure veg South Indian restaurant

  13. Bhai green food khaty huye naak kyun band Kri..?

  14. Bhai bali aur Egypt bhi jarur jana

  15. If one cannot get vegetarian in Malaysia that will be shame. Very good video Tanmai.

    In New Zealand you get vegetarian options literally in all the restaurants.

    Me being vegetarian too have loads to choose from.

  16. Kindly share the cost and room tariff as well…

  17. Malyasia is an anti India and pro Pakistani country i hate this series also

  18. VEGGIE PAAJI great to see you making videoes only on vegeterian food… Me being a vegetarian really appreciate your endeavor but I heard that the oil they use are like Fish oil.. I may be wrong but in China I heard that fish oil is commonly used as a source like we use refined oil.. Sunflower oil or mustard oil..may be I'm not fully correct here but is it 100percent vegetarian of all indegrients used…

  19. This is the time for apprication

  20. Awesome

  21. Congratulations bro.

  22. Northeast food

  23. In Malaysia , do check out the 7-Eleven stores which are open 24/7.

  24. Harikrushna Hirpara

    Surat ka video kariye.

  25. Brooo hatss offfffff

  26. Bhaiya malaysia kb gye abhi to kuch din phle prayagraj me thr

  27. 5:16 ghass puss

  28. Bhai sath sath me rates bhi batao sabke

  29. Just a suggestion cut your intro to 1- 1:50 or max 2 but don't extend it till 3 or more min.Congrats for 400k subs.

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