FULL DAY OF EATING OUT (the best vegan food in Bali)

What I eat/full day of eating OUT in BALI! Trying all the BEST VEGAN FOOD Canggu, Bali has to offer! CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/tmEy2m …


  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this one!! After our Bali adventures are over I'll be posting a list on my Instagram story of all our fav/must hit places here in Bali for vegan food! SO don't forget to follow me on over there if that interests ya! @maddielymburner
    Much love and see you soooon xxx

  2. Your skin is looking great girl

  3. Her achne has a face.

  4. Do you ever go out and eat oily food? Rather than salads? Luv u xx

  5. Do you really think that is healthy? Your skin is pouring out toxins

  6. Can you be more superficial and artificial

  7. Bring soap nuts with you for travel laundry! They are the only thing that I use on my sensitive skin! And 100% natural!

  8. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    ps. model hack…when i used to live in model apartments with no washing machine, I'd just wash my clothing in the shower with shampoo! and then hang everything up on a bikini string strung across the apt hahaha

  9. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    thank you for not naming the video "vegan in bali eat eggs"
    ps i feel like this is the perfect day

  10. I had dragon fruit and banana for breakfast:);) you got me hooked on dragon fruit

  11. Maddie what do you do for toothpaste? Your teeth are so pretty and white all yhr time

  12. What did Kyle put his "give" chip too?? Maddie I would have picked animals too. Good choice!!

  13. Love these type of videos

  14. Try castor oil for your skin, it totally changed my life.

  15. I love that, be honest girl, you having period cramps. Aren't they a bitch, why!!!!!!? Lol

  16. You vegans eats so much sugars and sweets..

  17. Don't know if it is the heat but seems like they are a bit over the whole film eating thing. I mean it's been a long time and repitivenss doesn't make life that spicy,

  18. U look so pretty! But u do so without mascara too

  19. All of the dishes you and Kyle enjoyed looked SO delectable! I genuinely think it would be super cool if you tried to replicate your favorite dishes from Bali when you return home where you have a stocked kitchen. But I'm seriously getting Bali fever and I want to visit so freaking badly!

  20. someone needs to make a meme of you trying that ice cream at 15:30 LMAO

  21. Ahhh makes me want to go to Bali and eat all this food!!

  22. Go to Ruko Cafe and Betelnut Cafe!!!! At betel nut they have THE BEST jackfruit vegan burrito

  23. Julie Anne Kolczak

    I cannot decide if Kyle looks old for his age or young lol

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