Full day of Eating – Fat Loss Diet (Indian Style)

Full day of Eating Fat Loss Diet, Indian Style. Full day Indian diet plan to lose weight. Buy Authentic Whey Protein from Nutrabay – http://bit.ly/2QISeOf (Nutrabay …


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  2. you are best i ever seen in youtube thanks for making video

  3. Loved it seriously ,

  4. bhanu pothuguntla

    Excellent information bro…
    Bitween these diet can we go for gym..??

  5. giovanna koloffon

    Does this diet have enough protein? Also, I'm not vegetarian, can I make the breakfast and add eggs?

  6. Do we have to do exercise?

  7. Is it ok to eat daliya khichdi with veggies at night, if you're trying to loose weight?

  8. Besan k cheela sahi nahi tummy k side badegi

  9. Besan fat badata hai sir

  10. I lov u fit tuber..God bless u boy

  11. silpisikha baruah

    Why ghee…?? Doesn't it add fat to our diet

  12. Need summer diet plan

  13. Aapka samjaneka thareeka bohoth Acha hai

  14. Much amount of cow ghee, increase fat level in body

  15. sir jo subah gym jate he unhe kya snack krke jana he ya aake krna he plz reply

  16. Thank you brother ❣ as a nepali I can follow this too,thank you

  17. Sir,,,,I'm very happy that u r active about indian style not western style!!! We r reach in culture n food

  18. May i ask your workout routine?

  19. Thank you

  20. Aapse bhut chhota hun lkin itne km khane mai to mai bhuk se tadap tadap k mr jaunga

  21. Itna sara kha ke sir really we will loose weight and what about gut health….plz do reply..many thnx

  22. Excellent whole day eating style and recipes.

  23. Can u comment on Himalayan pink salt flush therapy.

  24. Kaavya Surianarayanan

    Woowwwwwww <3 <3

  25. This is for womens also…..

  26. Can you make video on alcohol. Which drink is best out of all drinks. Wisky, rum, beer or gin etc…

  27. Very good content!

  28. Yaar belly loss diet batao na :-/

  29. This is some good quality content! Thanks man!

  30. TQ sooo much bro

  31. Bro we should not add chilli

  32. Aap log ko Hindi nahi aati kya

  33. Can a diabetic person eat banana

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