FREE VEGAN FOOD | National Vegetarian Week

tobacourage Its National Vegetarian Week so i went out to see how much free vegetarian/vegan food i can get around London – Also i recently turned vegan 😀 …


  1. Congrats on going vegan! It's definitely the way forward! Such a nice change than when you did the chicken wings challenge ha! I'll deffo stick around for the vegan food/hacks

  2. So excited to see where your channel is heading now! Gonna be great to see all the vegan hacks, you should try coming to Brighton!

  3. We don’t watch because of your food choices we watch because you’re AMAZING ♥️

  4. MEAT is so damn tasty, can´t wait till the next breakfast….A LOOOOT OOOFFFFF BAAACCCONNN

  5. You got fans from America

  6. Well no more challenges

  7. Glo_SweatyBunny

    Animals eat animals so I mean……

  8. How can you feel so much better in 2 weeks, so called vegan is bullshit

  9. The wrap is vegan/vegetarian but because it goes thru the same toaster as their buns that contain milk they want to be transparent. Everything including the sauce is vegan.

  10. No more chili con carni

  11. SriKanth Komma

    6:57 Crepe = Indian Dosa ??

  12. Next video: So I bought a prieus

  13. Spreading awareness without shoving GO VEGAN propaganda in my face. This is what london hacks is all about and I'm here for it!

    (this is coming from a non-vegan who loves learning new things)

  14. Being vegan, is fine and if you like marmite, it's even better, that will take care of all your vitamin b's. I am not vegan, was a vegetarian for 10 years, loved it found it easy. Some of my favourite food is vegan, so who knows one day. Keep up your amazing work Toba.

  15. being a vegan solves all yo' problems

  16. The mcdonalds wrap IS vegan by ingredients but, I think they put veggie however due to cross contamination in the oven that they cook non vegan veggie stuff in.

  17. Even the plants are creatures that feel and react and that was proved scientifically so then what r we going to eat?

  18. Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    I'm guessing it's not vegan because it's unlikely they fry it in separate oil. I'd be shocked if it's even truly vegetarian tbh

  19. Im vegan also and i am because of health and animal killing reasons i just cant stand eating animals that have feelings and lives

  20. Some foods I'd really recommend giving a try: "sheese" is the best cheese alternative, Sainsbury's has recently started selling some burgers named "the Burger" in the chilled "healthier options" section and they are so good, veganaise is the best vegan mayo with Chippa in second though it's a little watery tbh. Most supermarkets also sell premade pizza bases that are vegan. Just add some sauce, toppings and cheese and away you go. Also, press tofu for a few hours before you eat it or soak it in some kind of seasoning, makes it taste much better. I feel like if people know the junk-food side of veganism, it tends to help them stick around a little longer. Helps curb the cravings you get after switching. Also, with veganism, b12 supplements or drinking a ton of infused milk is a must otherwise you'll end up feeling crappy. I personally use nutritional yeast. Used to have to buy it online but supermarkets in the UK are starting to sell it now. I add it to pretty much everything as it gives a cheesy taste. Or you can buy pills or a spray. Hope this helps someone out as I really wish I'd had someone tell me some of this eight years ago when I went veggie.

  21. Travel Vlogger

    You seee! I'm vegan too. I've been telling you we're soulmates lol

  22. I just turn vegan bro

  23. Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla

    Great video.☺️

  24. I got the same mcdonalds offer today. You can get the wrap and dri k the same day you just need to check out the wrap on the checkout before ordering the drink. Did that today fam hehe

  25. RadioactivePrincess

    You’re losing muscles or your shirt is getting bigger?

  26. If you want free vegan food go to any patch of grass and have a munch.

  27. You are killing animals by drinking milk? xd I dont understand veganism.

  28. Where can I get that shirt please? I love it

  29. Happy birthday!

  30. Who’s eating meat and watching this?

  31. Check out supersinghs in feltham pure vegetarian pizza

  32. i clicked this video in a matter of milliseconds

  33. Good on you. Ur an inspiring guy to do it, especially with the amount of chicken I’ve seen you eating over the vids. I went n got me a free veggie wrap today and tbh I missed mayonnaise and didn’t rate it but no meat is fine. Look forward to ur vids.

  34. CSX Enterprises

    So does this count as dinner?

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