Freaky Vegetarian Food! Amazing Vegetarian Market in NYC!!!

So I stumbled upon the Best Meat Alternative Market in NYC! May Wah Market: MANHATTAN May Wah Vegetarian Market 213 …


  1. I love this store just the staff are a little too friendly

  2. Beautiful soul

  3. well I'm Kenyan and I'm coming to visit new York soon maybe we cud meet up and see how u cud visit Kenya

  4. Whaaat ? this market looked unbelievable ! I would have been so overwhelmed… where I live I have never seen any vegan cheese or meat !!

  5. That dress is so pretty.

  6. What im looking for is an app that shows you how to dress for work…

  7. i NEED that vegan market in my life!!! makes things so stress-free and convenient

  8. those prices are amazing!!

  9. Sherrice Sledge-Thomas

    OMG!!! I've been buying African clothing and undershorts, too. Awesome sauce! That store was cool. Beans, potatoes, veggies, portabella shrooms make great fake meat. Especially with seasoning like cumin. That rice ball looks tasty, too! Crunchy yumminess!!! Looks kind of like my nori roll wraps. Looks like avocado inside. We Naturalistas love it when we see another so we freely share compliments with one another. So many people are fascinated with our beautiful hair who aren't natural, too.

  10. vegan Chinese buns!!! heck yes! I was waiting for you to say if location was in the description box. lol

  11. Are they just spandex shorts you wear under your dresses? I cannot believe how inexpensive everything is at the vegetarian store is!

  12. OMG. Charly in Africa would be amazing! I can only imagine the adventures you would go on. This was a really good video.

  13. omg that market looks amazing! you should do a taste test of their faux-meat products

  14. I have shopped there for years. They are the best! You can even get large cases of things for catering/large events. My old church had a membership at one point (as they advocated for a vegetarian diet)

  15. That vegan mkt. has really good prices I wish there was a chain near me

  16. Your brave for just filming right there on the streets, i would have been too shy with everybody looking at me lol

  17. Angelique Jennings

    You always stumble upon the best things. That market looked awesome! "crunch"



  20. Oh and ummm "sniff" what I think u said, hint it's green lmbo.

  21. You know you be kicking around the city. I think that is awesome. And your not afraid to get lost, me on the other hand would have cried like a lost child.

  22. thats why you cant shop hungry…aleast you didnt buy everyting.that jerky was a good price could of made bbq with it

  23. I have to visit that vegan market

  24. Harambe the Gorilla

    There's a Vietnamese supermarket near where I live and they sell vegan abalone, lol :-)

  25. i walked past that shop a few weeks ago when i was in nyc for choir

  26. Good prices in the market.

  27. I mentioned you should check out May Wah in 2 of your vids, yet I get no credit.

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