Foreigners Try Indian Veg Food

Today we (Nile Brothers)/ Foreigners Try Indian Veg Food. We always just had Non-Veg Food and sadly ignored the Veg Food somehow. Today was the day and the two Foreigners Try Indian Veg Food….


  1. Hey nile brother's my name is Paresh Patani

  2. anil and durga

  3. If Mumbai food is doing that to you, the food in Delhi will make you melt in your shoes!!!

  4. How do you guys know so many Indians?

  5. hllo Nile Brothers……….ur video's are awsm………..y don't u try South Indian Food – Dosa, Idli, etc.

  6. Hi this is Rupak Dasgupta. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal…… Love to see you in India. Specially your Hindi is improving day by day… Enjoy bhailog

  7. Hey bro i tried this a hundred times but naan is eaten with chicken butter masala

  8. Came to my hotel and then u will get to taste the best food of india

  9. VIPUL

  10. Bro come to Odisha's Gopalpur on sea There is a cool beach

  11. If u come in Kolkata must try "singara" ND world famous "rosogolla"..u will love it.rosogolla is a sweet which is amazing.

  12. Hie I'm Snehal Korate you guys are really so awesome I enjoy watching ur video. I love you leni when u speak Hindi I really love it ❤❤❤

  13. Mera Name Parveen Kumar Hai (my name is Parveen Kumar)


  15. The white one ☝is malli koftha

  16. Both are same Bros

  17. Lokendra Singh Bhati

    Hii bro…im lokendra.. loving ur videos. .keep it going

  18. ☺☺☺

  19. the thing you are eating at 14:22 is pulav OR type of rice dish

  20. why are you abusing in hindi

  21. both are paneer ( the red one and the white one) is malai khofta

  22. i am abhishek sharma and ur new subscriber

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