Foods I Ate To Lose The Weight (Vegan) | Shir Levi

My complete weight loss story: This video is all about foods I ate throughout my weight loss journey and my best tips to transition from …


  1. Shir I love you <3

  2. Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I need to have tried every single fat loss method that was available, however in the end not one of them helped me to lose and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan simply because my buddy who told me great things about it and so far to date I have effectively lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks!

  3. does eating raw till 4 help decrease bloating? Ive been vegan for 9 months now and eat cooked foods but I seem to be bloated quite a lot

  4. Cindymaru a Hidden Leaf Shinobi “The Antisocial ninja”

    I'm vegetarian

  5. Hi. Thank you!!! Can you tell me how many protein do you eat and an example of it. :)

  6. you are so beautiful, it's unreal!

  7. SkylineToTheSeaAndMe

    You look amazing now. Bravo. I used to be muscular and ripped, but went through a negative life changing experience and gained weight and stopped exercising. I need to lose 30 pounds now. It's hard. Very depressing…

  8. This is such a beautiful video. I love the way you talk about loving your own body.

    Quick question, though: with as much fruit as you were consuming, did you supplement your diet with a lot of exercise?

    I'm vegan and although I eat a decent amount of carbs in my day, whenever I tend towards eating more fruit, my clothes tend to feel tighter. Just curious how that amount of (such delicious) food helped you lose weight!

  9. thank you for this video, it's very helpful.

  10. <3 … I'm a new subscriber! Thank you for your kindness.

  11. So it is not recommended to eat coconut oil/olive oil? Also, would sea salt be an issue or just table salt? Thanks!

  12. RicosThePresentable

    daaaamn a whole watermelon for breakfast? that's cool though. good for you, you look great. I eat meat but I am shifting to more and more plant based calories myself.

  13. How tall are you? I love your energy and your videos. I recently became vegan and your advice and ideas are very helpful. Thank you

  14. 30 kg is about 66 lbs….I'm not sure if your numbers are right….Great video anyway!

  15. i just re watched this for some inspiration…i am so struggling with weight loss right now. after going through cancer and multiple surgeries last year …and two more coming up soon, i have been so stressed that i have not made good food choices, which is a shame because now more than ever i NEED to make good food choices

  16. are u indian ? ☺

  17. this video helped me so much to deal with my current guilt. I want to be raw but I'm finding it really tough and time consuming to eat a big salad at night. I have 4 kids; a 9yo, 2yo and 3mo twins. it takes a good 45 mins to eat a big salad and it's very challenging to do that with the demands of small children. I've been trying to follow "raw til 4" but even that recommends a big salad before ur cooked starches. now I feel like it's ok to just eat my cooked potatoes at night. ur video was calming and informative and open-minded. I feel like you and I think similarly. it's important to listen to ur body and to do things gradually.

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  19. you're so amazing! thank you so much!

  20. Wait, it took 2 years to lose 30 pounds?

  21. AMAZING video 🙂 vegans rule!

  22. What wonderful videos thank you, I used to struggle with quinoa pronunciation and a south american told me it is pronounced Keenwah. I really look forward to your stories and advice x can you tell me how tall you are Shir? Blessings to you x

  23. You are so beautiful and your body is stunning! What did you weigh before the vegan diet? Or before the weight lost?

  24. Wow, you're really pretty!! :)

  25. OMG! You're so beautiful! Fantastic body! I am vegan as well. 3 years and going strong.

  26. U have contagious smile !! Love u so much !!
    I'm vegan too but Neva lost any weight

  27. I have been vegan for 8 weeks, mainly for health then for weight loss. I am learning new ways to cook from vegans and so many different ways to eat depending on age and medical conditions. I will continue to a more raw vegan diet as my body adjust.

  28. You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for this information :D

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