Food review: Vegetarian drumsticks

Who says vegetarian meat substitutes don’t taste good? This stuff is awesome! A perfect copy of actual drumsticks, only more delicious.


  1. PVEntertainment

    I'm not even a vegetarian, why am I watching this?

  2. It's made to look like chicken…wtf

  3. it's 2017, and I'm watching a review of drum sticks at 7:30 in the morning…

  4. i can't imagine any situation where NOT putting garlic and onions into meat or meat substitute would make it taste better DX

  5. I could see those being difficult to acquire here in the US. The FDA is pretty firm about having non-edible parts in food. Meat gets a pass because its natural, but we cant even have kinder eggs for the most part.

  6. Jaroslav Dolejší

    whats wrong with onion and garlic?

  7. I also like artificial flavors

  8. OcalaIsCalling135

    Woah, these look super interesting!

  9. How much is pricey though like $15-$20

  10. That looks like really old chicken. I'm sure the taste is the same. I'm sure the texture may be the same. But it looks like old chicken.

  11. Hey, by any chance, wouldn't that "textured soy protein" make a better medium for cutting tests?If this material can have such a similar texture to animal tissue, why not?

  12. I want it… I'm curious lol. The dowel is indeed funny.
    Edit: I completely agree about the cartilage and the black string things and the parts you don't know if you should consume or not.. that one in the video looks awesommme, just eat the whole thing, no shittin' around. That's why I like nuggets and boneless breast meat stuff, but even then it can have weird bits.. but whatever.

  13. Nice . Just make sure that it is not full of MSG.

  14. I'm not vegetarian but these look delicious.

  15. Hey it's ya boy SkallSnacks, coming at you with another legit food review!

  16. Seelenverheizer

    that does not look lile chicken tho^^

  17. Ronivan Fontanez

    Haha you would feel disgusted if have seen my late grandmother chicken stew, which uses almost all parts the chicken (except the head, I think). The way she cooked it looked like she was doing sorcery. The image of she biting and sucking the chicken feet is forever burned in my mind.

  18. William Sullivan

    Very interesting.

  19. I know that this question has been asked, but Skall, what is your opinion on completely lab grown meat? I mean, would you support the exercising of stem cells harvested from a cow pretty much harmlessly.

  20. yeah looks exactly like totally overcooked chicken. it makes sense for it to taste like the real thing, cos meat basically has quite a mild flavor. it's always covered in spices which are supposed to be the flavor of the meat, which of course is nonsensical. why it advertises for not containing garlic puzzles me, for it's very healthy and is to many a preferred thing to eat, especially vegans and other hippies who are into this alternative food stuff.

  21. wow I was going to ask if they put a little piece of wood in there to simulate bone as a joke before I even watched the video but then I thought about it was like no that's kind of dickish I'm not going to do it and then I watched it and they did put a piece of wood in there to simulate the bone so now my mind is just blown

  22. I've eaten several brands of breaded "chicken" vegetarian substitutes and all of them have been pretty tasty. A friend of mine that lives in Canada says that you guys have better meat substitutes than the US does, which doesn't surprise me given the general attitudes towards vegetarians in this country. It's also more expensive since our meat is pretty cheap here.

  23. I'm probably gonna try being only vegetarian this week. Hopefully it goes well and if it does, I will do it more often (like 2 weeks out of a month no meat even though it doesn't really help the ethical issue, it's plenty healthier if you know what you are doing )thanks for the video Skall!

  24. at malaysia is kinda sold in most of the vege shop its kinda pricey compare to real meat but it does taste good

  25. You made me try a similar product and I must say i was surprised how good they were.. I am by no means a flesh hater, in fact i am a hunter and I freaking love meat but I figured after seeing how bad the chickens are being treated in my country i wanted to at least substitute for that. Personally i would love to be able to hunt enough to only eat meat i killed myself and where I know the animal died as quickly as possible, which by the way is way more healthy meat than any you can buy anywhere ( even hunter stores that sell wild meat because they put some chemicals on the meat to prevent it from going bad during transit to the stores..). And i just want to encourage some of you who are thinking about trying it, not saying go vegan or vegetarian, that would be your choice but try it because it's actually pretty nice 🙂

  26. I hope I find these in Finland. I love the taste of chicken but organic chicken is so expensive.

  27. They look delicious.

  28. What if the meat industry started growing meat(in vats)Would it be unethical to do so?

  29. Rockstar Pirate

    I'm since recently often grossed out by some types of pork meat. There is often those hard fatty bits in their, and last time I eat pork (at least on bread) I could barely get it down. But I really like most meat though, but highly prefer biological meat over mass production stuff (it's bad quality too)

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