FOOD PREP with me ll Healty vegetarian lunch

Hi guys! 🙂 Here is what my lunches last week has looked like! It’s not the funniest but it’s cheap, healthy, low on calories and best of all it’s great to heat in the …


  1. Mehmet Hakkı Ersoy


  2. Collab with Hanna!!

  3. I thought this was nice actually. With bread on the side would be a nice meal. Your make up looks amazing. You should do Sunday videos!

  4. Eu gostava era de perceber o que tu dizes o mais provável é também não perceberes o que escrevi.

  5. what suppliments you use? make video please:))

  6. silje cecilie nilsen

    please please please , talk about you tattoo ! <3

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    It will be very nice of you if you please check our channel's content.
    if you find it worth. Plz message…. will join.. Happy New Year

  8. Yes I’m down for food prep Sundays and I like how you’re in the video and talking rather than just showing!

  9. Gillade innehållet skarpt! Även om jag inte är vegetarian/vegan så passar måltiden utmärkt. Definitivt en serie du borde göra av dessa videos. En food prep med Hanna Öberg kanske?

    Sen håller jag med resten av kommentarerna, kanske daily vlogs om du hittar tid för det? Much love

  10. Snälla!!! Gör svenska videos!! Love u

  11. gorden ramsay and johanna XD

  12. du är så braa!! gör vloggar, som gärna har ett gympass med i innehållet och fler matlagningsvideor. Det vore kul med en food prep med Hanna också!

  13. I enjoyed watching this video and look forward to seeing more of your food prep Sunday vids. I also like the carefree attitude you have which adds a flare of comedy to the video.

  14. I enjoyed food prep Sunday and your English accent!

  15. Please do more videos like this! 🙂

  16. Varför är du så himla söööööööt svara genast

  17. Det här är livet, mer av detta! 😀

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