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  1. Yummy i like this i want be a chef

  2. I need flesh….

  3. Question: who eats all the food u make?
    Please like so So Yummy can see

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  5. I watch y’all like all the time I Even get ideas from y’all love y’all.

  6. извините за выражение

  7. şemsettin yetişen

    So Yummy

  8. xXProMuttiXx muhammed nur


  9. Oil isn’t healthy, neither is butter. Yes, they’re basically the same thing, but they’re somewhat different.

  10. Can you please please please start putting measurements and cook times.
    You have wonderful recipes and they are hard to make without this information.❤

  11. not gonna lie if u do that buffalo "wing"or macaroni and bullshit to me your gonna die

  12. Nhìn ngon quá

  13. So yummy

  14. What the name of the song for the second video? I tried to Shazam it but nothing came up

  15. Nice video of making food)) I also like to make food video for youtube)

  16. Humvnf hd




  18. Maliyah Matthews

    My nana likes food videos

  19. احمد احمد

    واو اكلا ت روعا

  20. Delicious

  21. Who exactly eats all this stuff

  22. Mom-Life Journal

    So colorful … really tempting ☺️❤️

  23. Hi… anyone want to try the arabic food…watch my youtube channel.

  24. A Emberamber4ever

    mmm, smoothie bowls
    i often eat smoothies in bowls with a spoon and my mind thinks it's sorbet :p

  25. That savory snack is so yummy

  26. nothing about that pasta and butternut squash is healthy . pasta is full of carbs …

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